Naxene Drathkala


Turami Human

A member of the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors and is in Goldenfields under an agreement to protect the temple-farm for a year before returning to Waterdeep to be replaced with another wizard.

A quiet and bookish woman who spends most of her time writing papers on subjects both arcane and esoteric.

Quest: Naxene believes the attack on Goldenfields is just the beginning. Naxene urges the party to seek out a powerful good dragon, convince it to contact other good dragons, and use them to combat the giants. Naxene is confident that the Lords’ Alliance will support this plan, given the gravity of the situation. She recommends the party seek out a “dragon expert” named Chazlauth Yarghorn in the North Ward of Waterdeep.

Naxene Drathkala

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