Tag: Oboth


  • Mornbryn's Shield

    A village on the western fringe of the Evermoors, takes its name from the rocky, horse-shoe ridge that forms a natural rampart along the west and south sides of the settlement, protecting it against flooding. At the northeast end of Mornbryn's Shield is a …

  • Mornbryn's Bow

    The party learned of this treasure from [[Oboth Thornsteel | Oboth Thornsteel]] who had turned the Troll in Flames - the local inn - into his personal headquarters with six mercenaries. They ended his terrorization of the townspeople and claimed the …

  • Oboth Thornsteel

    A mercenary leader that took over Mornbryn's Shield, with six other mercenaries, in search of a legendary bow. He was a blatant member of the [[Zhentarim (Black Network) | Zhentarim]]. _Deceased_