Stella Wachter

Human Fighter


Age: 22
Size: 5’7" 100lbs

Languages: Common, Feral

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Background: Hermit/Noble

Skill Proficiencies: Medicine, Religion

Tool Proficiencies: Herbalism Kit

Trait: I’m oblivious to etiquette and social expectation.

Ideal: If you know yourself, there’s nothing left to know.

Bonds: My isolation gave me great insight into a great evil that only I can destroy.

Flaws: I am dogmatic in my thoughts and in my philosophy.


Stella Wachter is the youngest of three born to the cruel and stern Lady Fiona Wachter. Having been sheltered away from the world, her childhood was deprived of joy and outside interaction. Although being a part of an affluent family led to much lavishness, Stella’s upbringing was full of strictness and isolation under her mother’s iron fist. It consequently led to Lady Stella Wachter coldly inciting the inevitable burnout of Stella’s once bright spirits.

As Stella grew, all the years of her mother’s severity and harsh criticisms wore down tremendously on Stella’s psyche. Her fragility only worsened the day she was to be wed to Victor Vallakovich, much to her silent dismay. The entire engagement was arranged by Lady Wachter,and it was apparent that neither Stella nor Victor had consented, as both of them were immediately disgusted with one another. Stella feared him because of his obsession with voodoo and the dark arts, while her very presence revolted him. He treated her coldly, and with such callousness that it pushed Stella over the edge, triggering her descent into madness. The year that passed afterward was a blur, the result of an unsound mind. Victor had long vanished, having no intent to marry her. As Stella’s demeanor became more erratic, Lady Fiona Wachter grew fearful of any embarrassment coming to the family name, so she locked Stella in the attic of their home, quietly tucking away the unstable existence of her one and only daughter.

Since then, Stella has been in a a psychotic state, living out her days in the attic, where she strangely started to adopt the mannerisms of cats. This came with an increase in her agility, and one day, she finally managed to escape the attic. In the midst of her wandering, she inadvertently witnessed the wedding between Victor and his mysterious new wife. It was only then that a fraction of her sanity came back, and all at once the memories of her suffering came flooding back. In her more stabilized state of mind, she craved vengeance. Stella had realized it was all of Victor’s cruelty that caused her breaking point, so she is out seeking vengeance to reciprocate all her pain.

She joined the campaign when she was just out and about minding her own business in a creepy doll room when a group of people were passing by, a strange vibe resonating from them. Curious, and without a starting point, she decided to follow them as the stepping stone for her revenge.

Stella Wachter

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