Kashag Gul

Aarakocran Wild Magic Sorcerer


Age: 10
Size: 5ft 90lbs

Languages: Common, Aarakocran, Auran, Abyssal

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Background: Outlander

Skill Proficiencies: Persuasion, Arcana

Tool Proficiencies: War Horn

Trait: Money and manners won’t save you from a hungry owlbear.

Ideal: The natural world is more important than all the constructs of civilization.

Bonds: I suffer awful visions of a coming disaster and will do anything to prevent it……My wife is the most important thing in my life, even when she is far from me.

Flaws: I am slow to trust members of other races. tribes, and societies.


Raised as the champion for The Citadel of Ice and Steel, Kashag was well on his way in becoming the next captain of the Djinn and Commander of The Four Winds, currently ruled by his parents. He served his people well and when a call for aid would arise, he was unmatched in skill all throughout The Elemental Planes of Air, that is, until he met Aera.

While out on an assassination mission to kill the evil being Yan-C-Bin, the entity cast down a massive horde of beasts, killing Aera’s whole flock. She was the only survivor, being able to fend off the horde and fall back to safety. It would not be too long after that a mission of vengeance would be underway. As she gave the saddened report to the captain, It was then that Kashag and Aera would meet, soon becoming partners, and fighting any battles that they were tasked with. It was a short time after the competition between the two subsided that they both started to feel very fond of one another. This soon lead to the two of them becoming soulmates, falling madly in love.

When the time came to finish off Yan-C-Bin once more, it was just the two of them tasked for the mission. As the two slaughtered a similar horde of beasts that she had faced before, tragedy struct. Yan-C-Bin was ready for the attack this time and summoned a massive, ancient Roc. Taking severe wounds, Kashag and Aera were finally able to finish off the Roc, but not before it could stab Aera with its talons clean through her body. The Roc plummeted to the ground with Aera grasped to it. Seeing his beloved take her last few breaths, Kashag would do the one thing that changed his life forever.

Kashag cried out to the goddess of night and death, Shar, to come and save his beloved from her certain death. To his reluctance and dismay, Shar appeared before him in a thick tendrill-like cloud of tar, as the world around became dark and cold. He pleaded with the goddess to save Aera at whatever cost. Shar grew an unearthly grin and responded, “Pity….how weak love makes you mortals. Save her at whatever costs you ask?”, Shar began to cackle softly, emanating the sounds of a dull roar of thunder, “Ah, yes…I may have use for you yet”. And with a snap of her fingers, a cacophonous sound erupted, as Kashag could see life and energy filling Aera’s form once more, as she took a breath and opened her eyes yet again. Before Kashag could run over and be with his beloved, Shar held up her hand, freezing and lifting Kashag in place. Shar’s arm began to glow a fiery red, forming intricate symbols and shapes, as her grin turned into a toothy smile, “There is just one more thing you will need, Champion of the Night…..A gift for you, just as you’ve brought a gift for me, well……for now of course”. With that, Shar grabbed Aera and they both began to fade away into the thick, blackened fog. Kashag began to glow the same fiery red that Shar had. As he did, his once colorful feathers of red and blue, began to ignite into burning embers and just as quickly, extinguished themselves, leaving his body smoldering with blackened feathers and a glowing insignia on his face. This process was grueling and as Kashag yelled out in pain a whole manner of arcane spells began to erupt from his body. Shar had embedded him with wild magic, no more was he just a simple warrior of the skies.

Returning to his home, his people were disgusted by what he had become and outcasted the once great warrior of the Citadel, dubbing him the disgraceful name Kashag Gul, “The Winged Wrath”. He was forced to become an outlander, serving his new goddess. He spent the next several years in solitude, fulfilling tasks for his pact, such as assassinations, or ritual sacrifices. He is still good in nature, but is willing to do whatever his god deems fit, because getting his loved one back is the only reason for him to live.

Kashag Gul

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