Blue Dragonborn Trickster Rogue


Age: 19
Size: 6’9" 270lbs

Languages: Common, Giant, Draconic

Alignment: Neutral

Background: Charlatan

Blue Dragon Ancestry

Lightning Resistance

Skill Proficiencies: Deception, Sleight of Hand

Tool Proficiencies: Disguise Kit, Forgery Kit

Scam: I convince people that worthless junk is worth their hard earned money.

Trait: I have a joke for every occasion, especially when humor is inappropriate.
Ideal: Aspiration. I’m determined to make something of myself.
Bond: Something powerful destroyed my clan and someday I will take revenge.


Tragic Backstory:

Lightcrest Dormathos, named after his clan, had become an adult at the age of 15. It’s at this age the lightcrest clan send their newly matured dragonborn into the world to find a skill and something to better themselves. Dormathos had always been good with his hand, and even had a knack for some magic. He decided to use these skills to become an exterminator in the local towns, killing the beasts that invade them for a profit.

Years had gone by, and Dormathos was doing very well for himself. Every town nearby knew him by name and whenever there was a pest that needed slaying they would call for the Arcane Trickster. One day he received a message that a town out of his range had been plagued by giant rats and that they needed a specialist. Before setting off, Dormathos gathered those closest to him and told him he would be back in a month.

After clearing the giant rats from the town they had invaded and a long trip back home, Dormathos returned to find his lands ravaged. His kin dead, Lightcrest Dormathos threw aside his title and adopted the name Dagon, promising to take revenge on whatever it was that destroyed his clan. Dagon now searches for clues in cities across the land in hopes of finding a lead.

Present Day:

It was a dark night, the moon barely visible from Dagon’s vantage point. He had been waiting there for several hours now after seeing the nameless dwarf and his current target walk into the pub across the street. Dagon had been given the task of exterminating this dwarf who had only appeared less than a week ago from an anonymous source who promised him information on who or what had destroyed his clan.

The dwarf finally exited the bar and Dagon knew it was time to strike. He followed silently into the alley that from the looks of it the dwarf currently resided in. He didn’t look very threatening with an eyepatch covering one eye and a heavy trench coat. Dagon decided to make it quick and tried to strike at the Dwarf’s neck with his dagger. Rolling a 17 for attack, Dagon was feeling pretty confident until his blade was met with a clang. The Dwarf turned revealing his dirtied metal armor. “Damn, his AC must be at least an 18”, Dagon thought.

Taking no chances Dagon jumped back and prepared his Lightning Breath, his trump card against heavily armored foes. A flash of raw energy bolted from his mouth and flew at the dwarf striking him directly. As Dagon collected himself after the violent attack he noticed a figure moving out of the smoke created by the blast. It was the dwarf, completely unscathed, the armor he wore shining blue with lightning crackling down it. “Fuck” Dagon thought, as a hammer came down on his head.

When Dagon woke up the next day he could see the sun above him in the sky. He looked around and saw he was laying on some crude furs. Upon further inspection a tag could be found attached to them reading The Old Bonegrinder . Ignoring this Dagon looked around the alley and found the young dwarf sitting in some garbage eating scraps. He asked why the dwarf didn’t kill him and was met with a startled grunt. The dwarf explained that he was curious why a rogue had been sent after him, but also saw something important in his future. Not knowing what he meant, Dagon explained himself to the dwarf. After hearing his story, the dwarf told him he knew of a way he could become more powerful.

“Seek out the rogue and hero of Barovia, she can teach you what you need to know in the coming battles.”

Confused, Dagon looked down to think of what the dwarf had just told him. He had heard of Barovia and how it suddenly reappeared after several heroes killed a vampire lord there. It would benefit him greatly if he could learn from a rogue like that. Looking up Dagon asked “What’s your name anywa-”, before realizing the dwarf was gone. Dagon stood up and decided what he would do next. “I’ll find this hero and see what I can learn from them”.


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