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  • Zhentarim (Black Network)

    [[File:654885 | class=media-item-align-right | 175x200px | Zhentarim.jpg]] Also known as the Black Network, they want to understand the giants motives and see if they can make a deal with them. *Known Members* * [[:nalaskur-thaelond | Nalaskur …

  • Jostin

    He has been a mercenary for The Zhentarim for many years, he has no family left and has found nothing else of interest. After being seduced and broken-hearted by Dagon he decides he needs to find a better life, the promise of love made him realize there …

  • Lessilar

    Hates many things, Jostin is one of the top contenders for things he hates most. Unaware of this, Jostin thought Lessilar found him attractive. According to Jostin Lessilar left.