Tag: Nalaskur


  • Transporting the Cart (continued)

    h4. *Session Twelve* After getting up in the morning and starting off on their journey again the party lapses into an awkward silence until Dagon messages Yudani, "So how'd you do it?" "What?" "I saw the way Jostin looked at you." "I'd rather …

  • Mornbryn's Shield

    A village on the western fringe of the Evermoors, takes its name from the rocky, horse-shoe ridge that forms a natural rampart along the west and south sides of the settlement, protecting it against flooding. At the northeast end of Mornbryn's Shield is a …

  • Jostin

    He has been a mercenary for The Zhentarim for many years, he has no family left and has found nothing else of interest. After being seduced and broken-hearted by Dagon he decides he needs to find a better life, the promise of love made him realize there …

  • Lessilar

    Hates many things, Jostin is one of the top contenders for things he hates most. Unaware of this, Jostin thought Lessilar found him attractive. According to Jostin Lessilar left.