Tag: Crew


  • Luisa

    Twin sister of [[:cassius | Cassius]]. One of the strongest fighters on the crew. Was a gladiator in the ring with her brother, she entered so she could protect him, but will never say that to his face. She loves to fight, physically and mentally, with …

  • Cassius

    Brother of [[:luisa | Luisa]]. A former gladiator. He argues constantly with Luisa, and doesn't want to hear about anything that is similar between them. He knows she is a better fighter than him and it frustrates him. He often tries to make bets …

  • Korinn

    He was about ten when Thea came to his family, nearly dead. He trained with masters and even fought as a gladiator, meeting [[:cassius | Cassius]] and [[:luisa | Luisa]], so he could protect Thea. Generally a calm person. Never enters an unnecessary …

  • Gordan

    Grew up in a small tribe in the mountains, became a renowned tracker. When a sickness came through his village, killing his daughter he left to see the world and escape his nightmares.

  • Bran

    Used to be part of a circus troupe, he was a tumbler. When the troupe broke up he wandered for a bit. He was attacked by hunters but Thea saved him. Very friendly. Doesn't bother judging people on their mistakes if they're willing to change. He loves …

  • Meela

    Born without the ability to speak she had a tough time, but her father taught her how to read and cook. She is friendly and tries to be accommodating. She takes it very personally if someone insults her cooking.

  • Arizma

    Used to be a mercenary. She got tired of the shady jobs and started working on the docks. Thea took a liking to her and let her join the crew. Not much of a talker, she gets her job done and doesn't like wasting time.