Hanging by a Thread

Day Twelve (cont.), Day Thirteen

Session Sixteen

The adventurers make their way to the tinkerer’s shop and find themselves surrounded by an amazing abundance of mechanized contraptions. All manner or creature is in the shop; cats, monkeys, dragons, and more. After spending more money than necessary and trying to convince the shop owner to make an airship the party settles on a monkey and a useless box for Lloyd; miniatures of the party, an airship, and kraken for Dagon; a cat for Stella; a strange contraption like a miniature cart for one’s feet for Shorty; goggles to see farther for Kashag; and an alarm for Yudani’s shrub, Bonsly.

Yudani heads to the armory, followed by a sneaky Stella. Yudani orders a set of armor for Bonsly and Stella asks for a creepy cat mask.

The party regroups and heads to a local monastery to ask about potions. Meeting a nice woman that seems to be the head of the monastery they discover there is a wizard in town that might be willing to work with them. They are told to wait at the local inn The Sleeping Dragon until nightfall.

As soon as they enter the tavern Lloyd gathers as many people as possible to start gambling. After a few hours, when the adventurers begin to lose hope, their long awaited wizard decides to show up.

At first, is unwilling to deal with adventurers but they convince her that they are good people trying to end the giant threat. She offers them potions and magic items if they kill a dragon and bring her the scales from it.

Once the deal is made the party heads to bed. Kashag and Dagon sneak outside to the two awakened trees Shorty left there. Kashag casts invisibility on himself and Dagon creeps through the night. Heading outside they see Shorty sleeping on a hammock made of spider web stretched between the two trees. Kashag polymorphs one tree into a turtle, catches it, and runs away into the night.

They successfully trade the tree with the old man in Yartar for the promise of 6 greater healing potions.

Shorty is convinced Dagon or Kashag took the tree and leaves the party first thing in the morning with Stella.

Once the rest of the party finds her they have a discussion about it and come to an understanding that the trees were a gift for the entire party, not just Shorty.

Begrudgingly Shorty stays with the party under the promise that they will try to get the tree back from the old man.

Harriet nearly leaves because of the adventurer’s drama, but Yudani convinces her to stay.

Finding Turlang
Day Eleven, Day Twelve

Session Fifteen

After a good night’s rest the party decides to pursue Shorty’s quest from Lifferlas in Shadowtop Cathedral.

As the party makes their way into the forest they find it difficult to navigate the forest with hard to discern paths and general instructions on how to get to their destination. Shorty manages to save Yudani from wandering into the wilderness and they successfully approach what seems to be their destination.

Upon walking into a small clearing with a clear pool of water they hear sad music being played and come upon a male satyr playing panpipes.

Kashag pulls out his golden flute and begins playing along with the satyr, quite well, to the surprise of everyone. The beauty of his music brings tears to everyone’s eyes. Kashag sits beside the satyr playing along with him.

Dagon stands back, not sure how to feel about this situation.

Yudani, grudgingly, asks, “What’s going on here? Why the sad music?”

“I’m in love with a dryad and she doesn’t return my affection.”

A cumulative groan from the adventurers, but Yudani responds, “I know the feeling.”

“My name’s Greenwhistle by the way.” He says.

“Lloyd Hoymayven!” Lloyd shoves past the group to introduce himself, “What did Columbus say to his men before they got on the ship?”

Greenwhistle, confused, “Who’s Columbus?”

“Just pretend you know.” Lloyd demands.

“Okayyy. What did he say?”

“Get on the ship.”

No one but Greenwhistle laughs, and even Greenwhistle is unsure why he is laughing. After catching his breath from the hilarious joke, Greenwhistle asks, “So, what brings you all here?”

“I don’t know.” Kashag cries out in desperation.

Shorty finally speaks up, after leading everyone into the depths of the forest with little explanation as to why, “Do you know a druid named Aerglass?”

“Aerglass hasn’t been here in a long time, but Turlang can help you when he gets back.”

“Which way did he go?” Kashag asks hopefully.

“I don’t know.”

“You are useless.” Dagon mutters under his breath.

Kashag searches for tracks, but he can find none at all, not even theirs from entering the forest.

Lloyd asks, “What are you doing here?”

“I live here…”

Greenwhistle continues to play his panpipe, content to wait for Turlang’s arrival. The party decides to set up camp for the night, and await Turlang’s return.

Yudani decides she wants to help Greenwhistle with his love dilemma, “So tell me about this dryad.”

“I see her everyday, and I try to talk to her but she never responds to me.”

“What if I suggest her to like you?” Dagon asks.

“No!” Yudani snaps, “Maybe you should play less depressing music.”

Dagon considers using suggestion on Greenwhistle, but Yudani convinces him to show them where the dryad lives.

He leads them a little bit away from the pool of water and shows them a tree that looks identical to all other trees.

Lloyd pipes up, “Dryads live in trees!” Convinced that he is helping the party, he steps forward confidently pulling out his decanter of endless water and pours water on the roots.

Kashag speaks up, after watching his compatriots fail, “Oh, dryad, we passing adventurers would like a few questions answered from you, pleeeease?”

Through sheer force of charisma the dryad steps out of the tree, “What?”

“Oh, you are here. We were lead here by a very handsome and noble…”

“Satyr?” She snaps.

“You know him.” Kashag says charmingly.

“I got turned into the because of liking the wrong person. I just want to be alone.”

“Well you are dashing.”

“We don’t usually say dashing…” Dagon whispers to Kashag.

“Well, what happened to you?” Yudani asks, ignoring the ridiculousness going on behind him.

“I got turned into this by a fey.”

Lloyd perks up, immediately going into his story about his sister, “My sister was taken by a Warlock that was following a fey…”

“Well you’re screwed.” She says depressed.

“I can get my sister back…” Lloyd says softly.

“You can try.”

“Do you know where Turlang is?”


Yudani speaks up, “You know, you’re already a dryad, you may as well make the best of it. You know lemons. You can’t be happy hanging out in the tree all the time.”

“It can’t get any worse, actually it can get worse…” Lloyd mutters.

“I like his music, but I don’t know if I’ll like him.”

“You can at least try.”

“Listen, he’s a good guy. I think if you actually talk to each other it’ll be fine.” Lloyd says assuredly.

“You should really just try hanging out with him.” Dagon yells from the shadow of a tree.

“I think I’ll stay in my tree.”

“I think what my friend is trying to say is that you two are in the same place and your both attractive.” Kashag says suggestively.

“Fine, fine. If it means you’ll leave my tree alone.”

Dagon approaches Greenwhistle, “Hey have you heard of a legendary flute in these parts?” Seeing the blank look on his face, “Any legendary instruments at all?”

“No, but my panpipes are pretty great.”

“Oh my god, there is nothing to do in this place.” Dagon snaps, for some reason.

They make their way back to camp and Yudani sets up a fire for the evening. Lloyd, unable to wait any amount of time, begins gambling with himself. Stella tries to claw into the dryad’s tree, upsetting her so much. She tries to attack Stella to protect her tree but misses both times.

“Stay away from my tree. You could literally kill me!” She angrily steps back into her tree, done with these adventurers.

Greenwhistle, hearing the party talk about how they’re going to eat pipes up, “If you guys are hungry I can get you food.”

Lloyd smiling, “Yes, food please!”

“Of the animal variety.” Dagon grumbles.

“Does anyone want to help?”

“I’ll help.” Kashag yells.

“Me too!” Lloyd jumps up excitedly.

Kashag whispers to Greenwhistle, “I’m training him, he’s really excited and you know he is trying really hard.”

As soon as Greenwhistle shows Lloyd what berries are safe he gets all of them he can find, while Greenwhistle and Kashag hunt a couple of rabbits for the party.

“Why are we here?” Harriet speaks up, surprising everyone because they had forgotten about her entirely.

“So, um, Harriet. Shorty knows.” Lloyd says.

Shorty stares at Harriet for a few seconds, confused as to where she came from, “Weren’t you here the whole time? Pay attention.”

“We’re here to find the tree that knows the druid to find the giant.” Kashag says assuredly.

“I don’t like Harriet.” Shorty says blatantly.

“It’s okay, she doesn’t like us either.” Kashag says.

The party decides to settle in for the night.

When they wake Greenwhistle is playing happier music.

“Where is this treant?” Yudani demands as soon as she wakes.

“He’ll be along.” Greenwhistle assures. After a few hours he makes his way to the dryad’s tree and plays his music beside her, after a few moments she emerges from her tree and sits beside him.

It is nearly evening when Turlang finally shows up with a female half-elf. The treant is the ugliest creature the party has ever seen, but the half-elf is surprisingly attractive.

Lloyd, awkwardly, “Did you fall from heaven, because I swear there’s an angel in front of me.”

“Seriously?” She asks.

“I’m sorry.” Lloyd says, still smiling at her.

Kashag has to hold back the bile in his throat.

“Why are there so many people here?” She asks.

Shorty stares at her for too long and Yudani has to tell her why they are here again, “Lifferlas sent us here to find you and what you know of Aerglass.”

“I don’t know Lifferlass but I remember Aerglass fondly. I can offer you two awakened trees and an awakened shrub.”

“What?” The group exclaims as one.

“Do you know where this druid can be found?” Kashag asks.

“Not at all.”

“Well, we’re fighting the giants.”

“If that’s the case, then I can help you more.” He hands Shorty a few items and an iron flask.

Kashag inspects it and identifies it as an item that can contain magical creatures from different planes.

Dagon approaches the half-elf, “Is there any dragonborn in you?”


“Do you want there to be?” He asks smiling at her.

“You’re disgusting.”

Dagon sinks into the shadows.

“Do you know what’s in this flask?” Kashag asks the half-elven woman.

“I have no idea.”

“She’s not lying.” Dagon yells from the shadow.

The party debates on whether they should open the flask or not. For way longer than necessary.

Yudani names the shrub Bonsly. The party heads out, being led by the half-elf to the edge of the forest. Yudani asks Ulim if he senses anything from the flask, but isn’t convinced it’s empty when he doesn’t sense anything.

Lloyd winks at the half-elf woman, it’s a great wink, but she isn’t sure what to do or say.

“Hey Lloyd, ask her if she has any elf in her.” Dagon messages Lloyd.

When they reach the edge of the forest the half-elf pulls Yudani to the side and hands her a pouch of silver berries, “These will make you invisible, if you need them. Good luck.”

“Can I have something?” Dagon asks, still invisible.

“I’m going now.” She turns and walks back into the forest. Dagon attempts to mage hand and steal something from her, but finds nothing in her pockets.

The party makes their way to Yartar and Kashag memorizes the teleportation circles so that the party can have an easier means of travel. They make their way to Mirabar, with the intention of discovering why the giants are attacking.

The party teleports to Mirabar to find themselves in a stablehouse loft, they meet a dwarf dressed as a stable hand standing guard at the circle.

“Young dwarf…” Kashag speaks up.

“My name’s Zazz Bronzefire.”

“That’s an awesome name.” Dagon says softly.

Lloyd, seeing a dwarf, pulls out the brooch he found in search of his sister.

Kashag, remembering he wants healing potions, teleports back to Yartar to speak with the old man in charge of that circle.

“Do you have healing potions?”

“I can make them.”

“How long will that take?”

“I can make a batch of six in three days.”

“I don’t have much coin. How does this work good fellow?”

“If you’re fighting the giants, I’ll consider taking something other than gold, such as magic items.”

Kashag pulls out his used tome of knowledge, “You can have this.”

“Isn’t that useless?”

“Useless!? Sir.” Kashag says hurt by the accusation. He attempts to offer his golden flute.

“You know what I’d really like is one of those trees you came through here with.”

“I think we can arrange one of those. I’ll be back.” Kashag teleports back, “Good news guys, the old man can make us six healing potions in three days. He only wants a tree.”

“Wait, did you ask how much gold?” Dagon.

“No, I don’t know how these things work.” Kashag.

Dagon, disappointed, teleports back to the old man. “How much gold for the potions?”

“No, I kinda want the tree now.”

“What about this puppet theater?” Dagon offers, holding it out to him.

“It’s made out of the best tree-like materials.” Kashag assures him.

“I still want the tree.”

“You really screwed us by suggesting that tree.” Dagon messages Kashag.

“We’ll see you later.” Dagon says stepping onto the pad to Mirabar.

Dagon messages Kashag, but before he can speak Kashag feels the connection and speaks up, “We really need these potions.”

“Listen old man. We’ll go to an exotic pet shop and maybe we can get you something there.” Dagon suggests.

“Like a baby dragon?”

“Like not that.” Kashag suggests, “How about a dog?”

“How about, like, a baby awakened tree?”

Kashag, “Alright, old man, those trees are for a very important trees for a quest.”

Not convinced, “I want a tree.”

“We’ll get a dog, or a cat, or something.”

Dagon studies the old man, to see if he is in danger of dying any time soon. But the old man looks quite healthy.

Kashag, “How about a dog? I’ll get you a dog. Like a nice dog, a dog could get your slippers.”

“No, I want the tree.”

“Alright, I’ll go to the pet shop.”

“Are there other hubs of teleportation circles?”

“No.” The old man says, completely truthfully.

Dagon goes back to Mirabar and heads straight for Shorty, “Give me the tree.”

“We’ll still have Bonsly.” Yudani assures.

Shorty outright refuses to give up a tree, and the party decides they have enough potions between all of them to be fine for some time.

Lloyd pulls out his brooch and hands it to the dwarf, “So, that was made in association with the fey. If you need travel the dwarves will help you with our underground network.”

“Any dwarf?” Lloyd asks.

“Yeah. Where did you get that?”

“I gamble a lot and a dwarf lost it to me…”

Not trusting Lloyd, “You shouldn’t just lie for no reason.”

“I found it.” Lloyd says, embarrassed.

“If you need any more information I can help you, just don’t lie.”

Dagon and Shorty go through the portal. Dagon holds out a shimmering elixir, “A youth elixir!”

“Oh really!? Wow, I can make those myself.”

Frustrated, they go back to Mirabar, again.

Kashag tells Dagon to disguise himself and go back to ask for potions. Dagon convincingly disguises himself as a traveling flower pot salesman. He goes through the portal and approaches the old man, “I come from a land selling vases, this vase is perfect for plants of the living variety.”

“Why would I need a vase?”

“You look like the type of person that would have a plant.”

“It’s really weird of you to come through talking about plants, right after the guy came asking for potions in exchange for a plant.”

Dagon begins digging through his bag, offering random items to the old man for the potions (that they don’t even need). When he pulls out the black flag with a dragon skull and cross bones on it the old man’s face goes white, “Why do you have that?”

“It’s the only thing I found where all of my family died.”

“You shouldn’t carry that.”


“That is a symbol of the Kraken Society.”

“Can you tell me more about them.”

“They find dragons or dragonborn and sacrifice them to the Kraken.”

“Alright. I’m gonna go now.”

Dagon goes back to Mirabar, “So did it work?” Kashag yells as Dagon appears.

“I know how my family died.” Dagon whispers sadly.

“You wanna hold Bonsly?” Yudani whispers awkwardly.

“No, I’m good. I think I’m done for the day guys. I’m gonna go, umm. I’m done for the day guys.”

The party, awkwardly, goes into Mirabar and finds that it is a two-layer city with human shops and houses on the upper level and a dwarven city underneath.

“I have a brooch that gives us free passage through tunnels!” Lloyd proclaims proudly.

“Shut up Lloyd.” Dagon grumbles.

Dagon begins pickpocketing random people on the street getting some gold pieces along the way.

“Hey is there a toyshop around here?” Dagon asks a passerby.

“There is one in the dwarven part of town.”

“Where could we sell our extra items?”

“The best place would be in the upper town.” First they make their way to a shop on the upper level to sell a few things before they go to the toyshop.

After selling off their unwanted goods they head to the toyshop on the lower level.

The Help of A Dragon
Day Ten

Session Fourteen

The party makes their way into the Kryptgarden Forest to find the dragon Kashag was told about. After hours of blindly searching the forest the tree shift and they are met with the hungry gaze of a large green dragon. She tells them the giants have become agitated because of something the dragons must be doing and tells them a giant with the skull of a dragon can help them further. She also tells them there is an old place of giant history known as the Eye-of-the-All-Father.

After disclosing this information she loses interest in the adventurers and leaves, ignoring their pleas for her assistance in defeating the giant threat.

When the adventurers finally make it back to Westbridge it is nearly evening.

Stella finds Jostin in his room, it looks as if he has been crying. After a bit he ends up telling her that Lessilar pretended to be interested until they left, and then he was less than accepting of Jostin’s sexuality. After a quick fight Lessilar left.

Jostin admits that he wasn’t comfortable with himself before meeting them and that he just wanted to be able to feel accepted and loved.

Yudani convinces him to play a drinking game and they get wasted, having a few good laughs along the way.

The rest of the evening is spent encouraging him to follow his own path, and he finally decides he doesn’t want to be a mercenary anymore. He isn’t sure what he will do, but he tells the party he wants to make an honest life, right before he passes out. Losing to Yudani’s superior drinking skills.

Transporting the Cart (continued)
Day Nine

Session Twelve

After getting up in the morning and starting off on their journey again the party lapses into an awkward silence until Dagon messages Yudani, “So how’d you do it?”


“I saw the way Jostin looked at you.”

“I’d rather he was not looking at me. Maybe you have to kill something really cool.”

Dagon ends the message suddenly, going back to silently brooding.

Jostin questions what is wrong with Stella since she only meows, but the party has no idea. Lloyd realizes he has tongues and wonders if he can use it to communicate with her.

“Wow, you guys are great comrades…” Jostin mutters.

Lloyd uses tongues but barely manages to communicate with her at all, she tells them her name then decides to take a nap in the cart.

The party then attempts to think of a party name, putting Jostin on the spot and then complaining when he can’t come up with something.

When they make camp Yudani goes into the woods alone to contact Tritereon. After what seems an eternity he shows up and decides he would be willing to help Kashag because he has been able to resist becoming evil. With that taken care of she rejoins the party, coming back into a super awkward situation.

Session Thirteen

The next day the party encounters two giants and after a near death experience Jostin kisses Dagon. Encouraged by Dagon’s behavior up to this point he is convinced Dagon is interested.

“Yeah, I’m not gay. That did nothing for me, also you’re like a six. I was just testing the waters.”

“Oh my god! I helped you!” Yudani yells.

“That thing we had with that lady in the town was infinitely better than this.” Jostin shoves Dagon away, “Haha Jostin, just a playful bout.”

Jostin goes into the woods, “What is wrong with you?” Yudani turns on Dagon.

“You helped me figure out that I’m not gay.”

Yudani, disturbed by Dagon’s behavior, follows Jostin. Finding him on the ground sobbing.

“I am so so sorry buddy.”

“You guys are all fucked up.”

“I thought he was being genuine. Don’t worry, next time he takes damage I’m not going to heal him.”


“Yeah, yeah buddy.”

Jostin brushes himself off, “These people are not ever going to be good, they’re all awful, except maybe that bird guy. Lloyd is just soooooo annoying. I think he might be a good person but he’s so annoying. That dragon is evil and needs to die… He’s just so awful.”

Lloyd convinces Jostin that there is someone out there for him, easing the depression that Jostin was obviously sinking into.

“Hey, at least you’ll end up finding someone, my wife is eternally trapped.” Kashag encourages.

“My husband is crazy.” Shorty blurts out then seems to regret her decision.

“But does your husband love you?” Shorty awkwardly avoids the question, “Okay, I’ll take first watch.”

Kashag tries to keep encouraging Jostin to not get depressed over Dagon. The party goes to sleep, just as they fall into a deep sleep, poison arrows fly toward the party. One sinking into Dagon causing him to be immobile.

Four Drow appear from the trees knocking Lessilar prone, taking out almost half the party before they manage to dispatch three of them. One of the drow throws down his weapon and presents a sheet of parchment showing a well-drawn picture of Shorty and a bounty on her head to be captured alive.

They restrain the drow and then turn on Shorty, questioning her about who would send these mercenaries after them. She admits that Victor, her husband, probably did. They accuse her of endangering everyone. While this happens Stella jumps onto the drow and tears out his throat, seemingly without warning.

The lack of trust in her frustrates Shorty and she takes off the bandana she kept on her forehead, revealing a third eye. She looks all around with it, proclaiming that now Victor knows who they are and where. Jostin decides Shorty isn’t being honest enough and is a danger to the party so he ties her up.

Shorty admits that Victor did something to her third eye and uses it to look through, which is why she keeps it covered. Kashag investigates it and decides it can be dispelled. Yudani asks Shorty if she wants the eye gone or just to lift the curse to keep Victor from looking through it. Shorty grudgingly agrees and Yudani successfully removes the spell. After a talk about trust and helping each other Dagon unties Shorty, but the damage has already been done.

Dagon reads Stella’s thoughts about Victor, finding that she wants him dead, there is some deep betrayal that happened between them that she wants revenge for.

Once everyone has calmed down they sleep for the night.

Transporting the Cart
Day Eight

Session Eleven (continued)

Yudani is still muttering about how Lloyd is terrible at keeping watch. Lloyd confronts Kashag, “Did you notice a dark cloud?”

“No I was asleep.”

“See, it’s fine. All clouds are dark at night.”

Yudani gives up on the argument and they continue toward Bargewright the giant head in tow.

Lloyd attempts to tell the story of how they killed the giants managing to create the most boring story about killing giants Nalaskur has ever heard.

Nalaskur gives them gold for clearing out the giants and for the head of the giant. They are introduced to Jostin and Lisserlar, the drivers of the cart, and start out on their way. Dagon investigates the cart, finding that it is full of crates. Stella climbs onto the cart between the two men while the rest of the party ride on their respective mounts. Everyone seems to notice how beautiful Jostin is at once and Dagon messages Jostin Hey what’s your name?

Jostin, I already told you guys that.

Sorry I didn’t catch it. I was too busy… Alright I’ll talk to you later.

Kashag flies down and lands on the back of Yudani’s horse, “You’re a religious person, right? You talk to your gods, do they talk to you?”

“Now and then. Mostly visions. I haven’t tried to talk to him. Why?”

“There’s, uh, Lloyd saw the black mist last night, I don’t want to get into it too much. But there is an evil god that talks to me and I was curious if you always listen to your god.”

“I suppose it’s less that I listen and more that our interests align. He provides me with people that need to be dealt with and I mete out justice. Usually I am all too willing, but I can say no.”

“I don’t know if I can.”

Yudani contacts Ulim Did you sense any evil last night?

There was so much evil, like a dark cloud of evil. Yudani turns and glares at Lloyd, It seemed like a very powerful evil.

“Are you forced? Does she have something on you?”

“She has my wife.”

“What exactly has she been asking you?”

“She asked me to kill the giant, which we did. I tell you this because you’re the only one of these crazy people I think I can trust. I’m in between on my feelings of the Lord’s Alliance but she wants me to kill them.”

“Do you know why she’s forcing you to do these things?”

“I don’t know. I don’t see an end to it.”

“I suppose I could try to contact my patron.”

“I might need your help, someone’s help. At first she said that if I kill for her she would free my wife. At this point I don’t see that happening.”

“I’ll see if I can contact my God, if she comes back maybe I could hit her with the mace… But if she is a God I don’t… At the very least we could banish her, but as for your wife. If we knew where she was keeping your wife.”

“Thanks buddy.”

“Ulim said he was sensing mad evil so I’m willing to help.”

Kashag flies off the horse.

Dagon moves his horse forward and hops onto Yudani’s horse for some reason, “You seem to have a lot of experience with people of the same sex.”


“Jostin is the most attractive human I’ve ever seen. We have six days on this trip, a lot can happen in six days.”

“I mean… I guess the first thing you have to do is find out if…”

“He’s gay?”

“That’s probably the first thing. But also that he’s into dragonborn.”

“I might have a spell for that… What’s your opinion on suggesting people into being gay?”

“It’s not right man.”

“Alright.” Dagon jumps back onto his horse and trails extremely far behind the group.

Yudani yells out, “Anyone else want to hop onto my horse?!”

Shorty waves at him. Yudani begrudgingly wonders why she has become the councilor of the group.

Shorty notices movement in the trees and Lloyd tries to convince the unknown enemies that they left a crate of gold a mile back. As convincing as he is, six tribal warriors block their path. Yudani notices a mildly beautiful woman on the end. She is convinced they must leave that one alive but a fireball from Kashag prevents that from happening. Four others attempt to flank them but their comrades are already dead, the party makes quick and easy work of them.

They move on from the lackluster battle feeling pleased in their ability to decimate their foes.

“You did really well. Unusually well.” Lloyd calls out to Jostin and Lessilar.

“I wish I could say the same for you.” Lessilar responds tartly.

“Thanks!” Lloyd replies seeming not to hear what was said.

Dagon messages Yudani, “I saw Jostin looking at you. You better watch out.”

Yudani shouts back, “I’m not interested!”

“Not interested in what?” Lloyd asks.

“That tree over there.” Yudani yells, “I was talking to the mace!”

You weren’t talking to me…

They travel through the rest of the day with no further occurrences and make camp. “Those guards were really good, it seems like they don’t need us.”

Kashag sits next to Jostin and Lessilar and watches the awkward conversation happening, “I hit a guy but no one saw…” Dagon mutters.

Dagon manages to perform his statements so well that no one suspects him of being gay, even Yudani questions her knowledge of his gayness.

“You don’t necessarily need to waste money on us. You guys could probably handle it on your own next time.”

“Nalaskur wanted us to have more guards, if it was up to me you wouldn’t be here.” Lessilar snaps.

Yudani silently eats her soup avoiding the drama. Dagon wrestles with his own insecurities on whether he should approach Jostin or not. “That was impressive when you took out two men with that mace.” Jostin calls out.

“I did stuff too. No one saw though…” Lloyd whispers but no one pays attention to him.

“Thank you.” Yudani attempts to keep talking but Dagon interrupts.

“You should have seen my battle behind the cart, real impressive.”

“Did your boss say why you needed more guards?” Lloyd asks.

“We’re transporting ale.” Jostin responds.

Not trusting him Dagon analyzes his behavior but believes completely that there is only ale in the cart. Jostin cleans his weapon and Dagon uses his mage hand to pinch Jostin’s butt. He turns and looks for what touched him, but seeing nothing he continues cleaning his weapon.

“How long have you all been traveling together?”

“A couple days.” The group responds.

“Too long.” Yudani and Kashag echo.

“You should try getting along better.”

“This is my best friend.” He drapes his arm over Shorty, then motions to Lloyd, “We had a moment in a hotel.”

“You two would make a great couple.” Kashag laughs so hard he spits soup.

Lloyd and Dagon respond, “No, no. Not him. No, no, no.”

Dagon messages Lloyd. See how he went straight to gay, he’s probably gay. I’m very confused Lloyd. All of my people are dead.

Yudani sensing the tension of the brewing drama stands and moves away from the group. The party takes a moment to try to decide how to communicate with Stella but then Jostin gets up and moves toward Yudani causing Dagon to fill with anger but then he goes toward the cart and secures the ale.

“I’ll take the first watch, if anyone wants to join me.” Jostin calls out.

“Lloyd will take the second watch!” Lloyd cries out excitedly.



“As long as you don’t talk so much.”

“I can’t make any promises!”

“Go to bed.”

“I’ll take the second watch.” Dagon whispers.

At the end of his watch Jostin wakes up Dagon. He barely manages to contain his emotions. Hyperventilating as Jostin settles into his bedroll.

Grudd Haug (continued)
Day Seven (continued)

Session Ten

The party took a few moments to gather themselves back together before having a discussion about who gathered what from the enemies. Having a discussion about the gavel that no one is able to use. Kashag casts invisibility on himself and ascends the ladder to investigate the area. The rest of the party goes to investigate the area around them Lloyd finds a crate with a half-eaten corpse of an orc along with some treasure. Lloyd insists on gambling to distribute the treasure, Dagon is the only one that even attempts to gamble. Lloyd, in his infinite generosity, shares with the team (except Kashag).

Kashag finds himself in a bloodied room with torches on the walls and chains hanging from the ceiling. Kashag spends a moment looking for a door, only to realize there is no door and feels embarrassed for not noticing then remembers he is invisible so no one could have noticed. Peeking around the corner he sees a room that resembles a kitchen filled with mud, dirty pots and leftover food crawling with maggots. In the center of the room there is a crackling fire in a dome-shaped fireplace. Six goblins are tying a halfling to a spit in front of the fireplace. Kashag notices two hill giants in a separate room across the way. He tells Shorty there are goblins tying someone up that looks like her.

The team tries to come up with a plan of action but as they are talking they hear muffled screaming, knowing that they are putting the halfling in the fire. Dagon manages to put out a patch of fire directly underneath the halfling. Shorty rushes out to help the halfling but she manages to drop all of her arrows in the process. Kashag creates an image of a giant and Dagon throws his voice to it, “Hello goblins. You need to go to the other room. Take him out of the oven I need to ask him something, it’s important.”

Managing to sound imposing, somehow, the goblins leave the room at his command. Lloyd, wanting to be helpful uses his decanter of endless water to put out the fire. Then he proceeds to talk about how impressive he is, “Lloyd Hoymayven put out the fire.”

“Could you untie me please?” The halfling asks, Shorty proceeds to untie him but then Lloyd tries to weasel his way in, “Lloyd Hoymayven!”

Kashag approaches and waves his hand making the man’s clothes clean, then he extends a dagger to him, “Can you fight?”

“I’m not fighting! They were going to eat me! I’m a shepherd, I want to go home.” He pauses for a moment, “Actually, you know, they have sheep here, I want sheep.”

“Oh yeah, they’re downstairs.” Lloyd cries enthusiastically, causing everyone to go silent and glance at him. “Those are pigs…”

“If you put a bunch of wool on them, they could be sheep I guess.” Yudani responds laughing at Lloyd.

“I know where the sheep are.” Before anyone can respond, “My name is Rodrick Hiltopple.”

“Lloyd Hoymayven!!”

“So we saved you from being roasted alive and the first thing you ask us is give me sheep?” Yudani responds.

“They ate all my sheep! What am I supposed to do? Go home and I don’t have any money because I can’t shear my sheep. I don’t have a life! You may as well have let them eat me.” Rodrick cries out.

“At least you’re not dead.” Dagon mutters.

“Yeah, you’re not dead. If we get the sheep without killing them they will come and take your sheep again, you see how this is a circle?”

“I’m just going to get some sheep.” Rodrick shoves through the group but Shorty stabs him in the leg. Shorty miscalculates her power and hits a main artery causing him to bleed out surprisingly fast. Rodrick collapses and Dagon tells Yudani to save him. She hesitates, “You want me to waste a revive on him?”

“No, no do your other thing.”

“He’s dead.”

“We don’t know that yet! Just stabilize him.” Yudani grudgingly leaps into action pressing her hand to his chest stabilizing him.

There is so much blood everywhere. Dagon moves forward, “Hey there. Sorry about my friend and your minor embrace with death. So what are you doing here?”

“They took him. He already told us that.” Yudani mutters.

“They only tried to kill him, we actually did.” Lloyd responds.

“We’re going to tie you up and gag you and leave you here for now.” Dagon says calmly.

“Why!?” Rodrick, too frightened to fight these murderous beasts, cries out.

“It’s okay. It’s better this way.” Dagon soothes.

“Listen, friend” Yudani says trying to calm him.

“Friend!?” Rodrick snaps.

“Look I just saved you.”

“She killed me! I died! I was dead!”

“Bad Shorty.” Dagon admonishes, feeling as if that was good enough.

“You all are as bad as the giants.” Lloyd uses his decanter to spray Shorty for her bad behavior.

“I’m just going to kill him again.”

“If we help you get these sheep…”

The conversation is interrupted by the goblins coming back out from behind the curtain separating the two rooms, Dagon switches back to his giant voice and demands they leave “What are you guys doing back here, I’m not done asking my questions. Don’t come back until I tell you.” Everyone except one darts out of the room, “What are you doing here, I told you to leave.”

“I’m the water master, you don’t tell me to leave my place!”

“I’m the water master! Geyser!” Lloyd pulls out his decanter of endless water and a huge gush of water hits the goblin in the chest but just flows down his chest doing nothing.

“I’m the water master! Get out of my kitchen.”

Dagon readies his bow and fires an arrow missing the goblin completely sinking it into the thick curtain. Seeing the arrow the goblins come rushing back in, Dagon, trying to fix his mistake, “What did I tell you? Get out of here.”

“Don’t listen to him. I’m the water master!”

Stella darts forward, landing a powerful slash across a the water master killing him in one blow, there is such power behind the blow she sinks her hand into his chest ripping out his beating heart.

“I’m the water master…” He cries as he falls into his own blood.

Stella turns to another goblin tearing into his throat leaving him to bleed out as she turns to her next victim. She slashes into his throat until his head flops off his body.

Lloyd watches as this happens then decides he is going to try to charm the group, “I want you to just start fuckin’ right now.”

Somehow, all but two of the goblins manage to resist. One goblin starts vigorously fucking a second one, while the rest look on in horror.

Shorty fires an arrow without looking and manages to kill a goblin.

Dagon sees the horror that Lloyd made happen, he takes out an arrow and shoots the goblin on top managing to hit the goblin in the throat causing the blood to spill into the female hobgoblins mouth and she chokes to death on his blood.

Dagon completely sickened by the event turns and vomits.

A goblin rushes forward and slashes Lloyd, barely scratching him.

A second goblin tries to run forward but falls on his face in his fear of what Lloyd just made his comrades do to each other.

Kashag throws out two firebolts, managing to decimate the two remaining goblins.

“I didn’t really see what happened. Why were those two having sex?” Dagon asks wiping his mouth.

“I tried to start a goblin orgy, it didn’t work, it was just two of them.”

“You’re into that? Ugh.”

Kashag approaches Rodrick, “Just get out of here. There’s some problems here, I imagine you can see that.”

Stella drops the heart on him before Kashag unties him, thoroughly traumatizing him.

One giant lumbers into the doorway with four wolves, Dagon thinking fast tries to talk with him, “We’re evacuating the area because there are dragons.”

But the giant’s throat is scarred badly, looking as if he cannot speak. Dagon pulls out a monocle to see if he can spot a nametag on the giant, but he doesn’t seem to have one. Fearing this is Hruk the team attacks anyways.

The giant swings his club hitting Dagon hard, but he manages to hold his ground.

One of the wolves manages to latch onto Shorty digging into her arm, but she dodges it enough to avoid the brunt of his attack. Shorty flies away from the wolf, seeing an opportunity it digs its teeth into her leg as she moves away, she pulls out her bow but only manages to sink an arrow into the wall.

Kashag attacks three of the wolves with a scorching ray then turns and polymorphs the giant into a turtle, managing to take out the biggest threat off the battlefield. Dagon sees this and wants to put him into the bag of holding, even knowing that if he forgets about the turtle he will rip the bag. An argument ensues about how bad of an idea it is to put the turtle in the bag. Dagon continues to mutter about putting the turtle in the bag as Kashag takes off, flying close to the ceiling.

Stella rushes out to kill the boar that Shorty sent out. Managing to tear out it’s throat, her killer instinct (insane cat desires) overriding the danger of the battle.

Yudani can sense, through the mace, that the giant is still evil in its turtle form. She resists the urge to attack the turtle and tries to hit a wolf, but in her distraction she misses.

Dagon puts the turtle in the bag.

Lloyd fires out two eldritch blasts at the wolves but he miscalculates the force of his attack and knocks himself over, glimpsing the hobgoblin and goblin he forced into sex as he falls.

Two wolves lunge at Yudani, one missing completely, the other barely sinking its teeth into a weak point in her armor. She points her finger at the wolf engulfing it in hellish flames burning it to ash.

Shorty sends out a badger that nuzzles up to a wolf instead of attacking. She debates whether to keep flying or fight the enemies… She wonders if she can put the boots on the badger but convinces herself that is a ridiculous idea. She grudgingly flies down and attacks a wolf with her dagger.

Killing the rest of the wolves the group moves behind the curtain to regroup before heading into what seems to be the largest chamber of enemies. Stella finds a barrel of fish in what looks to be the water master’s room and crawls into it.

Kashag gets the turtle from dagon and dashes up, his wings carrying him hundreds of feet into the air. A giant comes in past the curtain, “We’re looking for Hruk.” Dagon calls out in giant.

“Kill? To find?” He mutters disbelieving.


Completely destroying the giant and the minions that were following behind him the rest of the enemies flee back to the main chamber. Meanwhile Kashag drops the turtle from the sky and follows him down as he falls watching as he crashes into the ground. Morphing back into a giant and Dagon decides to create a mental link with him finding out that this was Hruk. They heal him and send him on his way back to Moog. He wanders off sobbing because he was turned into a turtle and almost died.

Finally feeling ready to approach Guh the team moves into the main chamber ready to kill everyone since Hruk is safe.

Session Eleven

Yudani takes a moment to talk to the mace feeling that he has finally accepted her. Have I finally proven myself to you?

Yes, you are worthy. My name is Ulim Daro, I was an aasimar. I lived hundreds of years ago, my human nature allowed me to do terrible things but I want to make up for what I’ve done.

Dagon hearing that Yudani has connected with her mace he begins attempting to talk to his rapier.

Feeling that the enemies will be coming to them again soon they make their way to the Queen. Lloyd forgets what they came to do, again. The party is convinced there is something wrong with him.

Entering the chamber they cut through the remaining minions with little trouble causing the goblin archers to cower and begin sobbing for fear of death. When the orcs see that the battle is turning against their favor they leave through the main entrance. Seeing Guh sitting on a wagon throne, a massive hulk of a female hill giant sinking into the wagon covered in filth.

Dagon suggests, “Hey, as a doctor I can say that you’re not looking too well. And you should probably start doing some push ups.” Managing to roll forward Guh topples through the grate in the floor. The party stands over the hole deciding what to do with her since she is still alive. Stella jumps down the hole landing on her flabby body and clawing at her. The rest of the company decides to fire their ranged weapons and spells until she dies. Feeling accomplished in their abilities they search her wagon.

They find a massive amount of treasure in her wagon and an interesting looking conch which, upon investigation has a teleportation spell on it. They decide to hang onto for now until they know more of what is going on with the giants and where the conch will teleport them to.

Interested in the gold reward they cut off Guh’s head and roll it to their horses, managing to tie it between them properly they make slow progress back to the Old Tower where they found Moog.

Session Twelve

When they make it back to the tower they find no sign of Moog or Hruk. Kashag managed to kill Guh as Shar demanded of him so he goes to the upper floor of the tower to await her arrival and find out if this will finally reunite him with his wife.

Lloyd offers to take the first watch, he notices a dark fog enter at the shattered roof of the tower but convinces himself that it’s nothing and proceeds to gamble with himself. Lloyd was in the process of throwing his gold out into the wilderness and then realizes that he was losing money to himself and puts it back in his pockets.

Meanwhile, the dark cloud floats over Kashag and Shar takes form, “You managed to kill the giant. I’m proud of you, but you still haven’t killed Thonin Arroway. So, you still have one thing left to do. Unless I think of something else.”

“Why do you keep making me do these things?”

“It’s fun watching you struggle.”

“What was that giant to you? You don’t care about man.”

“I like watching you suffer.”

“I have a question. Everything you’ve done, do you really think your wife will still love you?”

“Cut me deep Shar. Cut me real deep.”

“Well, better get to work. I have a lot of people I want dead.” She fades away leaving Kashag with a sick feeling.

Yudani wakes up to the sound of rolling dice and catches Lloyd, not keeping watch, she chastises him for his irresponsibility. Lloyd tells her about the dark cloud by the tower, but assures her that it was nothing as he heads to bed.

The night passes without further interruption and the party rests in relative peace.

Grudd Haug
Day Seven

Session Eight (continued)

Getting up the next day Dagon, Lloyd and Kashag go out to try to buy some horses. They make a deal and get 3 horses, although the seller tried to get more out of them since their armor is coated in literal gold. They head toward Grudd Haug to face Guh and end the hill giant threat. On the way there they discover an old tower. Upon nearing the tower Kashag sees four hawks circling it and calls out to them, but upon his call the hawks cry out and attack him. Their beaks cut into him at all angles, flailing through the air he swings his wings hard and pulls back from them throwing a fireball into them. He scorches the birds, the party beneath him sees the struggle, and Shorty commands her spider to make a web to catch the birds.

As they near the tower the crying stops, Dagon Lloyd and Yudani manage to push the boulder out of the way and meet Moog. She initially attacks, but Dagon suggests they are friends with each other. She tells them about her husband Hruk and how Guh stole him from her. The party offers to help her and she is ecstatic to tell them everything she knows about the den.

Dagon’s ring from Arleosa disintegrates upon entering the tower and he finds treasure that Keltar Dardragon had left there. With specific directions to Grudd Haug the party arrives before noon. Flying above the group Kashag manages to see the den within a mile.


Session Nine

The party decides to send Kashag, Dagon and Shorty into the cave off of the den to scout it out. Kashag and Dagon go invisible and Shorty darts along the stumps scattered on the outskirts of the den. Upon entering they are met with the stench of blood and sweat, the floors and walls are damp mud, and the room is filled with the sound of snoring. The party sees several cots lying around the room, one of which is occupied by a sleeping hill giant. Kashag moves into a western chamber to see more cots and a second sleeping giant. Creeping along further west the path opens up into a cave with a bloodstained wooden table of giant size, two crates of pig entrails, a barrel of filth, and two iron cages, each containing a boar.

Kashag follows the cave further west and sees a massive cave, a river seeps through a gash in the north wall and forms a stream that cuts across the eastern half of the area before spilling out through a hole in the south wall, tumbling down logs as it goes. A wooden bridge spans the stream at one point. Smaller rivulets also seep into the room and connect to the wider stream, but they are narrow enough to step over. Timber pillars caked in mud support the 30 foot high ceiling, which has three circular holes cut into it. Crisscrossing wooden beams cover these holes. Scores of fat pigs snort, waddle about, wallow in the mud, and gorge themselves at wooden troughs overflowing with slop. Tending the pigs are seven mud-covered bugbears and an ettin.

Kashag backs off and tells his comrades the situation, he and Dagon return to Lloyd Yudani and Stella to tell them of the enemies ahead. They decide this entrance is their best bet and head toward the cave entrance. Yudani blunders along and the sound of a gong crashes through the air from the tower to the west and the party realizes their approach is a bit less sneaky now. They enter the cave entrance and Dagon quickly makes an illusion of a female hill giant in an attempt to distract the male. Shorty lies in wait along the north-western cave.

Dagon hides and tries to throw his voice to the female giant near Shorty’s location but he can’t manage it and instead of falling for the trick the male giant investigates the area Dagon is hiding. But being unable to find him approaches the female illusion. Dagon, not trusting his performance, creeps nearer to the illusion and speaks to the male, “I’ll lay with you if you find me some food, it has to be fresh though. What’s your name?”

The male, having been down here for quite some time, is not keen on waiting, “Bed now, then food. Gar.”

Dagon, frustrated, “I’m so hungry, no bed.”

Not persuaded in the slightest the giant reaches for her, “Bed now!”

Shorty decides to attack at that moment before they are found out. Striking quickly against him, Dagon follows suit, Kashag backs away watching for the second giant, Yudani swings against the giant hard sending it stumbling, Stella sweeps her claws at him with three hard blows, Lloyd takes up the rear calling out “Shillelagh” as he imbues his staff with power and hits the giant hard. In an instant the giant has fallen, tumbling forward toward Dagon and Shorty. Dagon manages to dart out of the way but Shorty is pinned beneath the creature, crushed into the blood and mud beneath.

The second giant rushes into the room to be met with Kashag hitting him with spells before he can step into the room. Angry with these small folk he strikes out, hitting Kashag with two fists. The party strikes out at the giant quickly, feeling overwhelmed in the cave entrance the giant swings wildly, crushing his own hand against a wall. He crumples to the ground in agony, Dagon approaches him and asks his name. Unwilling to speak Dagon demands if he knows Moog, he cradles his hand and looks at his tormentors, “Who?” Dagon asks where Hruk is, hoping to save his own life the giant tells them Hruk guards the main entrance.

Shorty cuts across his throat, spilling the last of his life as he falls into the mud at his feet. Advancing toward the pig den the party attempts to sneak in, Kashag manages to crouch behind some pigs, Dagon creeps toward a trough of slop, Yudani tries to enter the room stealthily but alerts the entire room to her presence. Shorty and Stella are hidden around the bend of the cave. Dagon, caught in the open, creates an illusion of a bridge near the real one in the hope that the bugbears will be swept away by the river.

Upon seeing the adventurers the ettin leaves the room toward a western cave. The seven bugbears begin to converge on the party, Dagon with his arms outstretched to create the illusion is struck from the left, a javelin piercing straight through his arm. The other bugbears throw wide hitting the mud walls to no effect. Using the distraction Shorty darts toward Kashag, hiding with him. Using the distraction of Dagon and Yudani, Kashag takes flight, preparing to throw a fireball at the real bridge to destroy it if any bugbears try to cross.

Another volley of javelins miss their targets entirely except for one that nics Yudani. Stella rushes out and leaps across the river toward an unfortunate bugbear tearing straight through him and making her way to a second one tearing out his throat just as viciously. Her comrades look on in abject horror as they wonder just what type of woman they invited into their midst. Three bugbears step onto the illusory bridge at the same time and tumble into the river. One of them manages to grab onto the soft muddy bank while his comrade disappears. He pulls himself onto the bank only to swing his morningstar to wide in an attempt to crush Lloyd and he stumbles back into the river and goes crashing out of the cave.

Two bugbears step out of a cave to the north but Kashag throws out the fireball he created, completely incinerating them before they can even gauge the situation. The remaining two bugbears are killed with ease by the party as they move toward the cave the ettin escaped to. Upon entering the room they find the ettin, a male hill giant and an otyugh. A river has punched a hole in the north wall, near a tunnel leading north, creating a stream that runs through the place. A crude log bridge spans the waterway, which flows out a gash in the south wall. Flies buzz around three blood-spattered wooden tables spaced about the room. A 30 foot wooden ladder climbs to a 20 foot wide hole in the ceiling. Lying atop the easternmost table is the carcass of a slaughtered pig.

Kashag transforms Dagon into a giant gorilla, Dagon moves almost within range of the giant and otyugh, Stella rushes toward the ettin and slashes at him three times. The first two blows land true but the third hits wide and she loses her balance, falling at the feet of the enemy. Lloyd, seeing three huge monsters casts slow, hitting all three of them. Shorty reaches into her Bag of Tricks and throws out a giant badger then draws her bow and fires at the giant. The ettin slams dangerously close to Stella, the giant tries to move toward the adventurers but can’t get within reach. The otyugh moves toward Dagon and lashes out with its tentacle opening up a gash on his arm. Yudani moves toward the ettin, attempting to protect Stella, striking against the giant with her bloodthirsty mace.

Kashag holds his attack, fascinated by the sight of his creation and the otyugh about to battle one another. Dagon picks up the earth beneath the giant badger and flings it toward the giant, slamming against him hard then he leaps onto the back of the otyugh. Stella slices into the ettin that dared to attempt to hit her, killing him viciously. Lloyd hangs back and uses ranged spells, unsure if he should move to far into the battlefield. Shorty fires another arrow at the giant, cutting into its throat, her badger tearing into his face in the same instant. Furious the giant crushes the badger on its shoulder. The otyugh lashes out but misses completely, their morale completely lost the giant and otyugh fall quickly.

Dagon tears the back of the otyugh open and tries to climb inside of it for warmth. The rest of the party collapses and rests after the battle.

Journey to Bargewright Inn
Day Five, Six

Session Seven (continued)

Day Five

With a new goal in mind the party heads toward Bargewright Inn to complete their promise to Shalvus. With the exchange of coin the party secures a carriage through Red Larch to Bargewright Inn. Lloyd claims he has a lead to what he is looking for, but the group has no idea what he is talking about, his poor performance in telling the story before seems to have abandoned everyone already. Flustered by them ignoring him initially, he tells the story again this time with the eloquence it deserves, but there is no telling if anyone will retain the knowledge he shared.

A night’s stay in Red Larch and the adventurer’s head East to Bargewright.

Day Six

Halfway to Bargewright the party is stopped by 5 bandits on horseback demanding a toll to use their road. Yudani, being the righteous woman she is, heads straight for the captain her voice booming out for them to stand down. Seeing a perfect opportunity, with four of the men in a near perfect straight line in the back, Dagon sneaks out of the carriage and hides in the brush along the road prepared to take them out.

Kashag, having lost two days of sleep studying his book, flops out of the cart and throws out a fireball as he falls to the ground. Seeing this Lloyd tries to use his Decanter of Endless Water to push the Captain into the flames but it just splashes across his beautiful chest, doing nothing in the process. Shorty fires an exceptionally powerful arrow and with a final blow Yudani crushes his glorious chest. Feeling accomplished, the party leaves the bodies strewn across the road and continue on their journey.

The party arrives at Bargewright Inn a walled community of ramshackle wooden towers and buildings overlooking the village of Womford across a long wooden bridge spanning the Dessarin River. Bargewright reeks of manure and filthy mud. It houses dealers who buy and sell horses, mules, and oxen, blacksmiths, wheelwrights, coopers, and wagonmakers. It has inns, stables and warehouses.

Session Eight

They immediately make their way to the Inn, following Shalvus’ lead. There they meet with Nalaskur Thaelond. Shalvus makes his report, about the giant sightings in Goldenfields and leaves the party. The group asks Nalaskur about what he intends to do with this information and he reveals he is a part of the Black Network. Nalaskur offers the adventurer’s a free meal and room for the night, he also awards them each 50 gold for delivering Shalvus to him safely. Not trusting him at all Kashag stays at the Inn and keeps an eye on him, Shorty stays behind and keeps an eye on Kashag, for reasons unknown…

Lloyd, Dagon and Yudani explore the town for a bit then decide to head over to Womford, a tiny village across the bridge from Bargewright. Since nightfall is nearing the townsfolk warn the party that there is a beast that comes out at night and takes people. Intrigued by this monster the three adventurers decide to get their comrades and take it out, even though the townspeople don’t offer a reward. Kashag and Shorty join their friends and once back at Womford they set a trap by setting out some clothes they’ve been wearing and placing an illusion of a man on them. They separate and hide behind buildings awaiting the monster’s arrival.

The beast arrives in the form of a bat, transforming into a man as he lands reaching for the illusion of the man, the illusion moves backward quickly screaming, “Don’t touch my ham!” Kashag settles in next to a stall by the creature readying a fireball, Lloyd verbally harasses the creature, revealing his existence in the process. Shorty darts out of the shadows and strikes at the man hitting him directly, but on running away from him she is struck by him.

Kashag bursts out and throws a fireball, setting the stalls and houses on fire in the process. Dagon strolls forward, completely confident as he pulls out the Sword of the Headless Horseman and swings at the man. Cutting his head clean off. With that the battle is over in a matter of seconds. Lloyd uses his decanter to put out the flames on the houses, Dagon bangs on a door and demands payment… The townsfolk give the party two cooked hams.

Feeling accomplished Lloyd pulls the clothes off the man and puts them on. Yudani, having listened to the townsfolk, recognizes the man as Arik Stillmarsh. The man that was staying at Bargewright Inn under the protection of Nalaskur. Already suspicious of the man the party confronts him.

Yudani is livid that he was allowing that vampire to kill people, but Nalaskur rationalized it as the people were like livestock to a vampire. Yudani was not convinced, but grudgingly let it go. Nalaskur offers up more information regarding the Black Network and their goals, he also offers the help of a bronze dragon if the party lets this episode go and he will forget they killed Arik. The party discusses it and ultimately decides they will go along with his deal, he smiles wide and tells them about a carriage that is traveling to the Troll in Flames, a tavern in the village of Mornbryn’s Shield.

Satisfied with their accomplishments the party settles into bed for the night. Yudani tries again the bond with the mace and manages to impress him a little with the death of the vampire but it is a small victory.

The Bloodbath of Amphail
Day Four

Session Five (continued)

Shorty immediately runs behind a building to hide, Lloyd uses some spells as the giants attack, and Kashag decides to create a hulking illusion of a dragon. The three giants separate, two attempt to squeeze between two houses while the third circles around the large stage. Before the two giants can make it past the building Lloyd uses his scroll, Wall of Fire to block their passage. Kashag tosses down a fireball, critically injuring the two giants trapped by the firewall. One giant turns back and intends to circle around the house to get into town safely. His comrade, confidant he can endure the wall of fire, enters it fearlessly and his bones clatter to the ground on the other side.

With one giant down the party is emboldened, Dagon and Yudani notice the fight and rush onto the scene. Both focus on the giant circling around the stage while Kashag keeps an eye on the one stomping around the house. After several blows from the party Lloyd pulls out his decanter of endless water and attempts to knock the giant down. His luck for the day seems to have run out as the water splashes across the giant. Seeing this epic fail Shorty reaches into her bag of tricks and tosses out a panther, it rushes the giant and with one heroic blow knocks the enormous creature to the ground.

Dagon sees the downed, wet, giant and sees an opportunity. With surprising grace he bounds over the giant and as he flips over him lightning spills from his open mouth nearly destroying the giant. As the giant pushes to his feet and continues moving toward the table the party members are struck with a realization, “The giant isn’t attacking anyone?”

Yudani, Lloyd and Kashag are immediately disgusted by what they have done and refuse to fight. Kashag instead makes an illusion of another giant beckoning to the remaining two, with a full bag of food, in hopes that they will leave. The giant by the stage sees his kin and starts to leave in that direction, Dagon makes his way the the giant near the house.

Shorty, unwilling to let the giant escape, follows him, “Shillelagh!” Lloyd yells at her striking out with his staff. Surprised and angered by the sudden blow she ignores him and takes off after the giant, deftly dodging a second strike. With a heroic effort she jumps onto her panther climbing up the giants back and slams her sword into his back, using her body weight to drag it down. Splitting him open and leaving his torn body behind her, feeling satisfied.

Dagon casts sleep on the giant and the party breathes a sigh of relief as the danger is gone, but wonders if there was real danger all along…

Session Six

SPOOKFEST 2016 (link coming soon)

Session Seven

The party interrogates the remaining giant, “Why are you here?”

“For food.”



“You can’t just steal other people’s food. Why don’t you make your own?”

“Don’t know how…”

“If we let you take the food will you tell us where your home is?”

Looking at his fallen brothers, he shakes his head, “You will hurt them.”

“No, no, no.” Dagon says, a bit unconvincingly, “We just want to help them so they don’t do this.”

Feeling tempted by being able to take food to his leader he finally concedes, “It is called Grudd Haug, to the North East.”

While the giant collects his food for the information the party quietly discusses if they should kill him or not. Torn between what they should do, the giant leaves without any more bloodshed.

Tylandar arrives, “What is the meaning of this?” The party explains what happened, “You let him take my food!?”

“It was free food, it was going to get eaten anyway.” Kashag points out tartly.

“You’re right, I am sorry, I was flustered by this sudden attack. They should not just take our food.”

“We know where there hideout is and we will take care of the problem.” Dagon assures him.

With night fully upon them the party decides to sleep at Arleosa’s inn before starting on their journey once again. Instead of sleeping Kashag spends the entire night reading his book, Yudani attempts to attune to her mace but one word is whispered into her mind, “unworthy…” Frustrated she goes to sleep.

Exploring Waterdeep
Day Three

Session Four

Kashag, Shorty, and Yudani settle in for a wonderful breakfast set out for them by Milena, though Dagon and Lloyd are sent out into the street immediately. Dagon sends a message to Kashag to please bring breakfast to him and Lloyd, since Kashag is such a kind gentlebird, he does so.

Setting out for the day the party searches for the blacksmith in the North Ward, they come to Armor and Weapons but before the owner can greet them they leave the establishment to head to the richer section of the city in the Castle Ward. Here they meet Belhorn Gentleharp, the owner of The Gilded Lily; a smithy so covered in gold and finery that it barely maintains the image of a smithy.

The characters manage to convince Shorty, the richest of the group to buy armor for Kashag and Lloyd. Dagon then attempts to ask her to purchase his armor but she is not interested in the slightest, so in a last ditch effort he tries to seduce the proprietor. On his impressive success Belhorn invites him to the back room to discuss different pricing options. Upon seeing Belhorn holding the door open and licking his lips while rubbing his stomach Dagon feels a wave of nausea at what he is about to do.

He attempts to beg Shorty for money but she shows no interest in his suffering. Lloyd sneaks up beside her and places his hand on her shoulder, suddenly she is overcome with good nature as Lloyd whispers to her, “C’mon, you can buy him the armor.” Without a second thought she does so, Lloyd immediately leaves the establishment to run away from the enemy he has just made.

Kashag buys five flails and asks that they be attached to a circular ring, he was unwilling to share what this item would be used for but he was very excited to start to process of making it. Belhorn asks that they return around the afternoon to retrieve the created object. Since Yudani was unable to buy her armor the party heads back to Armor and Weapons and meet Emen.

Around this time Lloyd decides he wants to meet with Caeldur Marskyl in the Trade Ward to claim his reward. Dagon attempts, and fails, to seduce her into giving them a deal on the armor. After his utter failure Yudani approaches Emen with genuine interest. Flattered by her approach Emen asks the party to dispose of thugs that prey on the townspeople and tells them where they can usually be found.

The party heads out to the location and enter the poorest section of the city, the buildings are dilapidated and poorly maintained, there are several poor unfed masses of the problem the nobles would rather ignore. They come upon an alley and find five thugs circled around a sixth man, stripped of his clothing and beaten badly.

Unable to bear the scene of unnecessary violence Yudani approaches with a magically enhanced voice and demands the thugs stop and surrender immediately. All five turn on her, surprised to be stopped by what looks to be a lone woman, in armor in need of extreme repair. Unfazed by her thundering voice they ready themselves for the attack.

Meanwhile, Lloyd has made his way to the Trade Ward and finds House Thann, he meets with Caeldur Marskyl, the head butler of the house. Lloyd stands dumbfounded in the entryway, he suddenly loses all the information he once contained about why he needed to come to this house. He mentions Zi Liang to Caeldur and he reminisces a bit about her and laments that she forsook her title to live among beasts and peasants. Lloyd’s memory is suddenly spurred to life and he searches his pouch for the black pearl, he presents it to Caeldur and the butler examines the gem for a moment, “Please wait here a moment.”

After a moment Caeldur returns with a servant that hurries up the stairs, a strained silence later and the servant returns with a spell scroll and a seemingly normal decanter. Before leaving Lloyd mentions that Zi is doing good work, and she seems to be helping the townspeople. Caeldur thanks him and says he just wants her to be happy.

Dagon, thinking quickly, casts sleep in the center of the thugs, but somehow he only manages to put the naked man to sleep. Surprised by his failure he ducks back behind some rubble in an attempt to prepare himself to fight properly. Kashag immediately takes flight, throwing out poison into the two nearest thugs. One dodges out of the way at the last second but his comrades isn’t so lucky. Shorty draws her shortbow and sinks an arrow into one of the thugs then dashes behind cover in preparation for their retaliation.

Two of the thugs seeing Kashag flying up into the air draw their crossbows and fire at him, one barely manages to graze him while the other shoots completely wide. The third thug reaches for his crossbow only to find that it is no longer on him (due to Dagon disarming him), unwilling to spend time searching for it with so many enemies he makes his way toward Yudani. The two thugs closest to Yudani take swings at her, yet her imposing figure causes them to miss half their attacks, and the ones that land are not as impressive as they imagined upon first seeing her.

Yudani lashes out against the men nearest her, frightening them with the strength of her blows, but they are certain she cannot defeat them both. Lloyd makes his way back to Emen’s smithy to see how his companions are doing. Dagon, seeing Yudani surrounded, rolls out from behind cover, nearly stumbling into the street in the process, and sinks his rapier into one of the thugs with slow precision then he rolls forward behind cover on the opposite wall.

Kashag sends out two firebolts at the men that dared to fire upon him. Shorty darts from her hiding place and sinks her blades into a thug by Yudani, her dextrous hands finding the soft spots and exploiting them then dashing back to the shadows. Still convinced they can defeat him the men attack in unison, but again their attacks don’t seem to shake her at all. Upon taking damage Yudani unleashes a hellish rebuke, raising her hand on the thug that sunk his blade into her and points her finger at him, cursing him in infernal.

His body is engulfed in flames and he falls into a pile of ash at her feet, she turns to the second thug and smiles slowly. With a mighty swing she cuts into him and he stumbles on weak legs before falling to the ground. Shaken by her hellish face the thug that was attempting to rush her runs into the alley and cowers near his remaining two allies. Lloyd enters the scene and takes in the carnage, without waiting to find out what is happening he uses his eldritch blast against the two men in the back left of the alley.

Feeling critically wounded, the thugs might surrender soon, but before they can think much on the matter a blur of movement along the wall catches their eye. They see a blue dragonborn running along the wall with expert precision and with a deep breath he blankets the three men in lightning. The pain locks their limbs in place, and they know they have to escape these monstrous foes, Dagon turns upon the wall as if it is solid ground beneath his feet and darts behind cover.

Still recovering from the lightning pulsing through their blood the men are met with two strong blasts of fire from Kashag felling one of them into a fiery heap, and the other is instantly assailed with a devastatingly powerful arrow that pierces him straight through.

With all the enemies defeated Dagon carries the unconscious victim outside the alley and wakes him up. He assures the man he means him no harm and gives him a gold coin to buy some clothes. The he does an investigation to see if the man is a drug addict, as far as he could tell, he was not.

Yudani hacks off a thugs head as proof of their victory, causing Lloyd to start throwing up. They attempt to dispose of the remains in the nearby abandoned buildings but nothing can hide the carnage that must have taken place here. Yudani does not hide the decapitated head on their way back to the smithy, she strides confidently down the streets with it slung across her shoulder.

The party returns to Emen and she is impressed with their work, she gives Yudani a beautifully made set of plate armor and takes the time to carve a heart into it with their names together.

Upon exiting the smithy the party is met with a crowd of citizens staring up into the sky, and they join in to see a massive castle floating 1,000 feet in the sky. After a few minutes of asking around they find out it is a cloud giant castle, but no one knows why they are there. During the distraction Lloyd steals coin from the unsuspecting nobles, and while he is distracted doing that, Shorty steals money from him.

Since Kashag is the only member that can fly he would rather get his weapon from the blacksmith and gather more information before heading there. Kashag and Dagon enter The Gilded Lily and find Belhorn, as cheerful as ever, with Kashag’s new weapon. Belhorn’s eyes light up when he sees Dagon, he suggests they talk in the other room but Dagon resists his charms.

The party immediately heads to The Lord’s Alliance headquarters to discover what secrets they might have about the cloud giants castle.

Session Five

Arriving at The Lord’s Alliance headquarters the party finds a lavish house, they are greeted by a nobleman that invites them in and informs them that Lady Laeral is the leader of the Lord’s Alliance in Waterdeep but she is gathering the Masked Lords of Waterdeep to plan their defenses against the giants if they decide to attack. Instead the party is introduced to second in command, Thonan Arroway.

Kashag is overcome by a sudden burning along the mark on his face and he is certain Thonan is a target from Shar.

Upon asking him simple questions, “How can we get to the floating castle?” Thonan responded with, “Lady Laeral is meeting with the Masked Lord’s to figure that out.”

After several minutes of fruitless conversation Dagon managed to see a sheet of paper signed by Lady Laeral and memorized her signature while Kashag managed to get the location of Lady Laeral. Dagon manages to sneak into an unoccupied room and snags some papers that describe other giant attacks on different towns.

A short journey later and the group finds themselves near a large castle overlooking the vast city. Before entering Dagon forges a document to enter but the guard is not convinced by the poor attempt. Instead of turn the group away he leads them to Lady Laeral. The group begins the conversation by asking about what her plans are regarding the castle in the sky, but she has little interest in telling them. She sees through their lies and tells them little in the way of what to do to get to the castle, she does not trust these adventurers.

“You adventurers always think you are the center of the world. While I appreciate what you think you can do, I do not have time to send you on a journey that could endanger my city. I will take care of this threat when I am able, but at the moment I have nothing for you.”

Yudani manages to grit her teeth from the hatred of this noble infested city and speak up before leaving, “We have killed giants before, if you find yourself in need of aid, please think of us first.” Lady Laeral takes the advice into consideration but it isn’t quite clear if she will call on the adventurers at a later date.

Completely lost to what they are meant to do the party spends a bit of time arguing over what they should do, half convinced they should try to get to the castle and the other half convinced it is too dangerous to attempt. As Kashag is the only member that can fly the party decides against trying to get to the castle. Instead they go to Emen to ask about transportation, on their way there they run into Shalvus and ask him about getting to the castle. He mentions a catapult but Kashag is not at all interested in having people flung 1,000 feet in the air to MAYBE land safely.

Yudani enters Emen’s smithy alone and asks about purchasing a ride out of town, they chat about how long it will take to leave Waterdeep and the cost of it. Right as Yudani is leaving Emen mentions that she can write when she has the time and next time she comes to town she has a place to stay. Yudani agrees and sashays sexily out of the smithy.

Meanwhile Dagon was eavesdropping and upon Yudani exiting he attempted to stealthy roll away but Yudani noticed immediately.

“What are you doing?”

“I was just making sure everything was ok…” Dagon responds slyly, Yudani eyes him suspiciously but lets it go.

The party secures travel to Amphail.

Night begins to fall before they arrive and they end up spending the night at The Sleeping Dragon run by Yondral Horn, a retired adventurer, in Rassalantar, a quiet village full of walled farms and grazing sheep. Yudani, Shorty, and Kashag secure rooms for the night while Lloyd and Dagon attempt to outdrink each other. They are so fixated on doing this that they end up passing out right at the table.

After nearly another full day of travel the party comes to Amphail. Dagon meets with Arleosa Starhenge, the proprietor of Stag-Horned Flagon, the local tavern. Yudani and Shorty wait outside the tavern to see what the townsfolk are up to. Dagon, Kashag and Lloyd meet Arleosa and she is the most gorgeous woman they have seen thus far. Before Dagon can even decide to approach her or not Kashag insists Dagon seduce her, “If I didn’t have a wife…”

Flattered by the attention of Lloyd and Dagon Arleosa tells them of her adventures with Miros in the traveling carnival troupe. She playfully recalls that she captivated a few adventurous admirers in her day. “One of them was so enchanted with me that he gave me this ring and told me that it represented a special favor. All I needed to do was whisper his name, Keltar Dardragon, into the ring and he would help.” She gives Dagon the wooden ring and wishes him luck. Before she can get back to work Dagon draws her into an illicit conversation, she is flattered by his interest and invites him up to her room. Lloyd butts in, “You want fuck?”

Arleosa is so enthralled with Dagon’s expert seduction that she doesn’t even notice the weak attempt.

Yudani senses a disruption in the fabric of reality and upon entering the tavern she sees Dagon being led upstairs by a gorgeous woman. Unable to follow them she instead stands in the center of the pub griping about Dagon taking such a gorgeous woman.

After a time Dagon rejoins the party looking entirely pleased with himself, Yudani glowers at him as they make their way back outside. Upon inspecting the town Shorty notices flyers being handed out to people pronouncing the birthday of Tylandar Roaringhorn. The finest food and ale will be provided for a banquet. Yudani overhears some townspeople muttering that this is a blatant attempt by the noble to warm hearts before he takes over as lord warder when Lord Ilzimmer’s tenure is concluded.

The mention of free food draws the party to the square. Lloyd immediately tries to interest random townsfolk in gambling with him, but he cannot manage to get anyone’s attention. Shorty finds a huge pile of chicken and eats it while staring at Kashag. Kashag eats quietly on his own. Dagon approaches Arleosa, ready for round two, and manages to convince her to leave the party. Before separating from everyone he stops by Yudani and convinces Arleosa to let the woman join in. Lloyd again attempts to say something but no one notices him.

The three of them go back to the tavern, Dagon is a bit tired so his performance isn’t as grand as before but Yudani is so amazing that Arleosa doesn’t even notice the difference. Feeling refreshed and satisfied they return to the party. Before they make it back three giants stroll into town. Making a beeline for the tables full of townspeople.

Thinking fast the party members decide to take out the threat before they reach the townspeople. Nearly all of the townsfolk run screaming. Acting quickly Kashag takes flight, Lloyd rushes forward, Shorty grudgingly gets up from her chicken.

Shorty immediately runs behind a building to hide, Lloyd uses some spells as the giants attack, and Kashag decides to create a hulking illusion of a dragon. The three giants separate, two attempt to squeeze between two houses while the third circles around the large stage. Before the two giants can make it past the building Lloyd uses his scroll, Wall of Fire to block their passage. Kashag tosses down a fireball, critically injuring the two giants trapped by the firewall. One giant turns back and intends to circle around


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