Hanging by a Thread

Transporting the Cart (continued)

Day Nine

Session Twelve

After getting up in the morning and starting off on their journey again the party lapses into an awkward silence until Dagon messages Yudani, “So how’d you do it?”


“I saw the way Jostin looked at you.”

“I’d rather he was not looking at me. Maybe you have to kill something really cool.”

Dagon ends the message suddenly, going back to silently brooding.

Jostin questions what is wrong with Stella since she only meows, but the party has no idea. Lloyd realizes he has tongues and wonders if he can use it to communicate with her.

“Wow, you guys are great comrades…” Jostin mutters.

Lloyd uses tongues but barely manages to communicate with her at all, she tells them her name then decides to take a nap in the cart.

The party then attempts to think of a party name, putting Jostin on the spot and then complaining when he can’t come up with something.

When they make camp Yudani goes into the woods alone to contact Tritereon. After what seems an eternity he shows up and decides he would be willing to help Kashag because he has been able to resist becoming evil. With that taken care of she rejoins the party, coming back into a super awkward situation.

Session Thirteen

The next day the party encounters two giants and after a near death experience Jostin kisses Dagon. Encouraged by Dagon’s behavior up to this point he is convinced Dagon is interested.

“Yeah, I’m not gay. That did nothing for me, also you’re like a six. I was just testing the waters.”

“Oh my god! I helped you!” Yudani yells.

“That thing we had with that lady in the town was infinitely better than this.” Jostin shoves Dagon away, “Haha Jostin, just a playful bout.”

Jostin goes into the woods, “What is wrong with you?” Yudani turns on Dagon.

“You helped me figure out that I’m not gay.”

Yudani, disturbed by Dagon’s behavior, follows Jostin. Finding him on the ground sobbing.

“I am so so sorry buddy.”

“You guys are all fucked up.”

“I thought he was being genuine. Don’t worry, next time he takes damage I’m not going to heal him.”


“Yeah, yeah buddy.”

Jostin brushes himself off, “These people are not ever going to be good, they’re all awful, except maybe that bird guy. Lloyd is just soooooo annoying. I think he might be a good person but he’s so annoying. That dragon is evil and needs to die… He’s just so awful.”

Lloyd convinces Jostin that there is someone out there for him, easing the depression that Jostin was obviously sinking into.

“Hey, at least you’ll end up finding someone, my wife is eternally trapped.” Kashag encourages.

“My husband is crazy.” Shorty blurts out then seems to regret her decision.

“But does your husband love you?” Shorty awkwardly avoids the question, “Okay, I’ll take first watch.”

Kashag tries to keep encouraging Jostin to not get depressed over Dagon. The party goes to sleep, just as they fall into a deep sleep, poison arrows fly toward the party. One sinking into Dagon causing him to be immobile.

Four Drow appear from the trees knocking Lessilar prone, taking out almost half the party before they manage to dispatch three of them. One of the drow throws down his weapon and presents a sheet of parchment showing a well-drawn picture of Shorty and a bounty on her head to be captured alive.

They restrain the drow and then turn on Shorty, questioning her about who would send these mercenaries after them. She admits that Victor, her husband, probably did. They accuse her of endangering everyone. While this happens Stella jumps onto the drow and tears out his throat, seemingly without warning.

The lack of trust in her frustrates Shorty and she takes off the bandana she kept on her forehead, revealing a third eye. She looks all around with it, proclaiming that now Victor knows who they are and where. Jostin decides Shorty isn’t being honest enough and is a danger to the party so he ties her up.

Shorty admits that Victor did something to her third eye and uses it to look through, which is why she keeps it covered. Kashag investigates it and decides it can be dispelled. Yudani asks Shorty if she wants the eye gone or just to lift the curse to keep Victor from looking through it. Shorty grudgingly agrees and Yudani successfully removes the spell. After a talk about trust and helping each other Dagon unties Shorty, but the damage has already been done.

Dagon reads Stella’s thoughts about Victor, finding that she wants him dead, there is some deep betrayal that happened between them that she wants revenge for.

Once everyone has calmed down they sleep for the night.



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