Hanging by a Thread

Transporting the Cart

Day Eight

Session Eleven (continued)

Yudani is still muttering about how Lloyd is terrible at keeping watch. Lloyd confronts Kashag, “Did you notice a dark cloud?”

“No I was asleep.”

“See, it’s fine. All clouds are dark at night.”

Yudani gives up on the argument and they continue toward Bargewright the giant head in tow.

Lloyd attempts to tell the story of how they killed the giants managing to create the most boring story about killing giants Nalaskur has ever heard.

Nalaskur gives them gold for clearing out the giants and for the head of the giant. They are introduced to Jostin and Lisserlar, the drivers of the cart, and start out on their way. Dagon investigates the cart, finding that it is full of crates. Stella climbs onto the cart between the two men while the rest of the party ride on their respective mounts. Everyone seems to notice how beautiful Jostin is at once and Dagon messages Jostin Hey what’s your name?

Jostin, I already told you guys that.

Sorry I didn’t catch it. I was too busy… Alright I’ll talk to you later.

Kashag flies down and lands on the back of Yudani’s horse, “You’re a religious person, right? You talk to your gods, do they talk to you?”

“Now and then. Mostly visions. I haven’t tried to talk to him. Why?”

“There’s, uh, Lloyd saw the black mist last night, I don’t want to get into it too much. But there is an evil god that talks to me and I was curious if you always listen to your god.”

“I suppose it’s less that I listen and more that our interests align. He provides me with people that need to be dealt with and I mete out justice. Usually I am all too willing, but I can say no.”

“I don’t know if I can.”

Yudani contacts Ulim Did you sense any evil last night?

There was so much evil, like a dark cloud of evil. Yudani turns and glares at Lloyd, It seemed like a very powerful evil.

“Are you forced? Does she have something on you?”

“She has my wife.”

“What exactly has she been asking you?”

“She asked me to kill the giant, which we did. I tell you this because you’re the only one of these crazy people I think I can trust. I’m in between on my feelings of the Lord’s Alliance but she wants me to kill them.”

“Do you know why she’s forcing you to do these things?”

“I don’t know. I don’t see an end to it.”

“I suppose I could try to contact my patron.”

“I might need your help, someone’s help. At first she said that if I kill for her she would free my wife. At this point I don’t see that happening.”

“I’ll see if I can contact my God, if she comes back maybe I could hit her with the mace… But if she is a God I don’t… At the very least we could banish her, but as for your wife. If we knew where she was keeping your wife.”

“Thanks buddy.”

“Ulim said he was sensing mad evil so I’m willing to help.”

Kashag flies off the horse.

Dagon moves his horse forward and hops onto Yudani’s horse for some reason, “You seem to have a lot of experience with people of the same sex.”


“Jostin is the most attractive human I’ve ever seen. We have six days on this trip, a lot can happen in six days.”

“I mean… I guess the first thing you have to do is find out if…”

“He’s gay?”

“That’s probably the first thing. But also that he’s into dragonborn.”

“I might have a spell for that… What’s your opinion on suggesting people into being gay?”

“It’s not right man.”

“Alright.” Dagon jumps back onto his horse and trails extremely far behind the group.

Yudani yells out, “Anyone else want to hop onto my horse?!”

Shorty waves at him. Yudani begrudgingly wonders why she has become the councilor of the group.

Shorty notices movement in the trees and Lloyd tries to convince the unknown enemies that they left a crate of gold a mile back. As convincing as he is, six tribal warriors block their path. Yudani notices a mildly beautiful woman on the end. She is convinced they must leave that one alive but a fireball from Kashag prevents that from happening. Four others attempt to flank them but their comrades are already dead, the party makes quick and easy work of them.

They move on from the lackluster battle feeling pleased in their ability to decimate their foes.

“You did really well. Unusually well.” Lloyd calls out to Jostin and Lessilar.

“I wish I could say the same for you.” Lessilar responds tartly.

“Thanks!” Lloyd replies seeming not to hear what was said.

Dagon messages Yudani, “I saw Jostin looking at you. You better watch out.”

Yudani shouts back, “I’m not interested!”

“Not interested in what?” Lloyd asks.

“That tree over there.” Yudani yells, “I was talking to the mace!”

You weren’t talking to me…

They travel through the rest of the day with no further occurrences and make camp. “Those guards were really good, it seems like they don’t need us.”

Kashag sits next to Jostin and Lessilar and watches the awkward conversation happening, “I hit a guy but no one saw…” Dagon mutters.

Dagon manages to perform his statements so well that no one suspects him of being gay, even Yudani questions her knowledge of his gayness.

“You don’t necessarily need to waste money on us. You guys could probably handle it on your own next time.”

“Nalaskur wanted us to have more guards, if it was up to me you wouldn’t be here.” Lessilar snaps.

Yudani silently eats her soup avoiding the drama. Dagon wrestles with his own insecurities on whether he should approach Jostin or not. “That was impressive when you took out two men with that mace.” Jostin calls out.

“I did stuff too. No one saw though…” Lloyd whispers but no one pays attention to him.

“Thank you.” Yudani attempts to keep talking but Dagon interrupts.

“You should have seen my battle behind the cart, real impressive.”

“Did your boss say why you needed more guards?” Lloyd asks.

“We’re transporting ale.” Jostin responds.

Not trusting him Dagon analyzes his behavior but believes completely that there is only ale in the cart. Jostin cleans his weapon and Dagon uses his mage hand to pinch Jostin’s butt. He turns and looks for what touched him, but seeing nothing he continues cleaning his weapon.

“How long have you all been traveling together?”

“A couple days.” The group responds.

“Too long.” Yudani and Kashag echo.

“You should try getting along better.”

“This is my best friend.” He drapes his arm over Shorty, then motions to Lloyd, “We had a moment in a hotel.”

“You two would make a great couple.” Kashag laughs so hard he spits soup.

Lloyd and Dagon respond, “No, no. Not him. No, no, no.”

Dagon messages Lloyd. See how he went straight to gay, he’s probably gay. I’m very confused Lloyd. All of my people are dead.

Yudani sensing the tension of the brewing drama stands and moves away from the group. The party takes a moment to try to decide how to communicate with Stella but then Jostin gets up and moves toward Yudani causing Dagon to fill with anger but then he goes toward the cart and secures the ale.

“I’ll take the first watch, if anyone wants to join me.” Jostin calls out.

“Lloyd will take the second watch!” Lloyd cries out excitedly.



“As long as you don’t talk so much.”

“I can’t make any promises!”

“Go to bed.”

“I’ll take the second watch.” Dagon whispers.

At the end of his watch Jostin wakes up Dagon. He barely manages to contain his emotions. Hyperventilating as Jostin settles into his bedroll.



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