Hanging by a Thread

The Bloodbath of Amphail

Day Four

Session Five (continued)

Shorty immediately runs behind a building to hide, Lloyd uses some spells as the giants attack, and Kashag decides to create a hulking illusion of a dragon. The three giants separate, two attempt to squeeze between two houses while the third circles around the large stage. Before the two giants can make it past the building Lloyd uses his scroll, Wall of Fire to block their passage. Kashag tosses down a fireball, critically injuring the two giants trapped by the firewall. One giant turns back and intends to circle around the house to get into town safely. His comrade, confidant he can endure the wall of fire, enters it fearlessly and his bones clatter to the ground on the other side.

With one giant down the party is emboldened, Dagon and Yudani notice the fight and rush onto the scene. Both focus on the giant circling around the stage while Kashag keeps an eye on the one stomping around the house. After several blows from the party Lloyd pulls out his decanter of endless water and attempts to knock the giant down. His luck for the day seems to have run out as the water splashes across the giant. Seeing this epic fail Shorty reaches into her bag of tricks and tosses out a panther, it rushes the giant and with one heroic blow knocks the enormous creature to the ground.

Dagon sees the downed, wet, giant and sees an opportunity. With surprising grace he bounds over the giant and as he flips over him lightning spills from his open mouth nearly destroying the giant. As the giant pushes to his feet and continues moving toward the table the party members are struck with a realization, “The giant isn’t attacking anyone?”

Yudani, Lloyd and Kashag are immediately disgusted by what they have done and refuse to fight. Kashag instead makes an illusion of another giant beckoning to the remaining two, with a full bag of food, in hopes that they will leave. The giant by the stage sees his kin and starts to leave in that direction, Dagon makes his way the the giant near the house.

Shorty, unwilling to let the giant escape, follows him, “Shillelagh!” Lloyd yells at her striking out with his staff. Surprised and angered by the sudden blow she ignores him and takes off after the giant, deftly dodging a second strike. With a heroic effort she jumps onto her panther climbing up the giants back and slams her sword into his back, using her body weight to drag it down. Splitting him open and leaving his torn body behind her, feeling satisfied.

Dagon casts sleep on the giant and the party breathes a sigh of relief as the danger is gone, but wonders if there was real danger all along…

Session Six

SPOOKFEST 2016 (link coming soon)

Session Seven

The party interrogates the remaining giant, “Why are you here?”

“For food.”



“You can’t just steal other people’s food. Why don’t you make your own?”

“Don’t know how…”

“If we let you take the food will you tell us where your home is?”

Looking at his fallen brothers, he shakes his head, “You will hurt them.”

“No, no, no.” Dagon says, a bit unconvincingly, “We just want to help them so they don’t do this.”

Feeling tempted by being able to take food to his leader he finally concedes, “It is called Grudd Haug, to the North East.”

While the giant collects his food for the information the party quietly discusses if they should kill him or not. Torn between what they should do, the giant leaves without any more bloodshed.

Tylandar arrives, “What is the meaning of this?” The party explains what happened, “You let him take my food!?”

“It was free food, it was going to get eaten anyway.” Kashag points out tartly.

“You’re right, I am sorry, I was flustered by this sudden attack. They should not just take our food.”

“We know where there hideout is and we will take care of the problem.” Dagon assures him.

With night fully upon them the party decides to sleep at Arleosa’s inn before starting on their journey once again. Instead of sleeping Kashag spends the entire night reading his book, Yudani attempts to attune to her mace but one word is whispered into her mind, “unworthy…” Frustrated she goes to sleep.



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