Hanging by a Thread

The Help of A Dragon

Day Ten

Session Fourteen

The party makes their way into the Kryptgarden Forest to find the dragon Kashag was told about. After hours of blindly searching the forest the tree shift and they are met with the hungry gaze of a large green dragon. She tells them the giants have become agitated because of something the dragons must be doing and tells them a giant with the skull of a dragon can help them further. She also tells them there is an old place of giant history known as the Eye-of-the-All-Father.

After disclosing this information she loses interest in the adventurers and leaves, ignoring their pleas for her assistance in defeating the giant threat.

When the adventurers finally make it back to Westbridge it is nearly evening.

Stella finds Jostin in his room, it looks as if he has been crying. After a bit he ends up telling her that Lessilar pretended to be interested until they left, and then he was less than accepting of Jostin’s sexuality. After a quick fight Lessilar left.

Jostin admits that he wasn’t comfortable with himself before meeting them and that he just wanted to be able to feel accepted and loved.

Yudani convinces him to play a drinking game and they get wasted, having a few good laughs along the way.

The rest of the evening is spent encouraging him to follow his own path, and he finally decides he doesn’t want to be a mercenary anymore. He isn’t sure what he will do, but he tells the party he wants to make an honest life, right before he passes out. Losing to Yudani’s superior drinking skills.



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