Hanging by a Thread

Journey to Bargewright Inn

Day Five, Six

Session Seven (continued)

Day Five

With a new goal in mind the party heads toward Bargewright Inn to complete their promise to Shalvus. With the exchange of coin the party secures a carriage through Red Larch to Bargewright Inn. Lloyd claims he has a lead to what he is looking for, but the group has no idea what he is talking about, his poor performance in telling the story before seems to have abandoned everyone already. Flustered by them ignoring him initially, he tells the story again this time with the eloquence it deserves, but there is no telling if anyone will retain the knowledge he shared.

A night’s stay in Red Larch and the adventurer’s head East to Bargewright.

Day Six

Halfway to Bargewright the party is stopped by 5 bandits on horseback demanding a toll to use their road. Yudani, being the righteous woman she is, heads straight for the captain her voice booming out for them to stand down. Seeing a perfect opportunity, with four of the men in a near perfect straight line in the back, Dagon sneaks out of the carriage and hides in the brush along the road prepared to take them out.

Kashag, having lost two days of sleep studying his book, flops out of the cart and throws out a fireball as he falls to the ground. Seeing this Lloyd tries to use his Decanter of Endless Water to push the Captain into the flames but it just splashes across his beautiful chest, doing nothing in the process. Shorty fires an exceptionally powerful arrow and with a final blow Yudani crushes his glorious chest. Feeling accomplished, the party leaves the bodies strewn across the road and continue on their journey.

The party arrives at Bargewright Inn a walled community of ramshackle wooden towers and buildings overlooking the village of Womford across a long wooden bridge spanning the Dessarin River. Bargewright reeks of manure and filthy mud. It houses dealers who buy and sell horses, mules, and oxen, blacksmiths, wheelwrights, coopers, and wagonmakers. It has inns, stables and warehouses.

Session Eight

They immediately make their way to the Inn, following Shalvus’ lead. There they meet with Nalaskur Thaelond. Shalvus makes his report, about the giant sightings in Goldenfields and leaves the party. The group asks Nalaskur about what he intends to do with this information and he reveals he is a part of the Black Network. Nalaskur offers the adventurer’s a free meal and room for the night, he also awards them each 50 gold for delivering Shalvus to him safely. Not trusting him at all Kashag stays at the Inn and keeps an eye on him, Shorty stays behind and keeps an eye on Kashag, for reasons unknown…

Lloyd, Dagon and Yudani explore the town for a bit then decide to head over to Womford, a tiny village across the bridge from Bargewright. Since nightfall is nearing the townsfolk warn the party that there is a beast that comes out at night and takes people. Intrigued by this monster the three adventurers decide to get their comrades and take it out, even though the townspeople don’t offer a reward. Kashag and Shorty join their friends and once back at Womford they set a trap by setting out some clothes they’ve been wearing and placing an illusion of a man on them. They separate and hide behind buildings awaiting the monster’s arrival.

The beast arrives in the form of a bat, transforming into a man as he lands reaching for the illusion of the man, the illusion moves backward quickly screaming, “Don’t touch my ham!” Kashag settles in next to a stall by the creature readying a fireball, Lloyd verbally harasses the creature, revealing his existence in the process. Shorty darts out of the shadows and strikes at the man hitting him directly, but on running away from him she is struck by him.

Kashag bursts out and throws a fireball, setting the stalls and houses on fire in the process. Dagon strolls forward, completely confident as he pulls out the Sword of the Headless Horseman and swings at the man. Cutting his head clean off. With that the battle is over in a matter of seconds. Lloyd uses his decanter to put out the flames on the houses, Dagon bangs on a door and demands payment… The townsfolk give the party two cooked hams.

Feeling accomplished Lloyd pulls the clothes off the man and puts them on. Yudani, having listened to the townsfolk, recognizes the man as Arik Stillmarsh. The man that was staying at Bargewright Inn under the protection of Nalaskur. Already suspicious of the man the party confronts him.

Yudani is livid that he was allowing that vampire to kill people, but Nalaskur rationalized it as the people were like livestock to a vampire. Yudani was not convinced, but grudgingly let it go. Nalaskur offers up more information regarding the Black Network and their goals, he also offers the help of a bronze dragon if the party lets this episode go and he will forget they killed Arik. The party discusses it and ultimately decides they will go along with his deal, he smiles wide and tells them about a carriage that is traveling to the Troll in Flames, a tavern in the village of Mornbryn’s Shield.

Satisfied with their accomplishments the party settles into bed for the night. Yudani tries again the bond with the mace and manages to impress him a little with the death of the vampire but it is a small victory.



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