Hanging by a Thread

Grudd Haug (continued)

Day Seven (continued)

Session Ten

The party took a few moments to gather themselves back together before having a discussion about who gathered what from the enemies. Having a discussion about the gavel that no one is able to use. Kashag casts invisibility on himself and ascends the ladder to investigate the area. The rest of the party goes to investigate the area around them Lloyd finds a crate with a half-eaten corpse of an orc along with some treasure. Lloyd insists on gambling to distribute the treasure, Dagon is the only one that even attempts to gamble. Lloyd, in his infinite generosity, shares with the team (except Kashag).

Kashag finds himself in a bloodied room with torches on the walls and chains hanging from the ceiling. Kashag spends a moment looking for a door, only to realize there is no door and feels embarrassed for not noticing then remembers he is invisible so no one could have noticed. Peeking around the corner he sees a room that resembles a kitchen filled with mud, dirty pots and leftover food crawling with maggots. In the center of the room there is a crackling fire in a dome-shaped fireplace. Six goblins are tying a halfling to a spit in front of the fireplace. Kashag notices two hill giants in a separate room across the way. He tells Shorty there are goblins tying someone up that looks like her.

The team tries to come up with a plan of action but as they are talking they hear muffled screaming, knowing that they are putting the halfling in the fire. Dagon manages to put out a patch of fire directly underneath the halfling. Shorty rushes out to help the halfling but she manages to drop all of her arrows in the process. Kashag creates an image of a giant and Dagon throws his voice to it, “Hello goblins. You need to go to the other room. Take him out of the oven I need to ask him something, it’s important.”

Managing to sound imposing, somehow, the goblins leave the room at his command. Lloyd, wanting to be helpful uses his decanter of endless water to put out the fire. Then he proceeds to talk about how impressive he is, “Lloyd Hoymayven put out the fire.”

“Could you untie me please?” The halfling asks, Shorty proceeds to untie him but then Lloyd tries to weasel his way in, “Lloyd Hoymayven!”

Kashag approaches and waves his hand making the man’s clothes clean, then he extends a dagger to him, “Can you fight?”

“I’m not fighting! They were going to eat me! I’m a shepherd, I want to go home.” He pauses for a moment, “Actually, you know, they have sheep here, I want sheep.”

“Oh yeah, they’re downstairs.” Lloyd cries enthusiastically, causing everyone to go silent and glance at him. “Those are pigs…”

“If you put a bunch of wool on them, they could be sheep I guess.” Yudani responds laughing at Lloyd.

“I know where the sheep are.” Before anyone can respond, “My name is Rodrick Hiltopple.”

“Lloyd Hoymayven!!”

“So we saved you from being roasted alive and the first thing you ask us is give me sheep?” Yudani responds.

“They ate all my sheep! What am I supposed to do? Go home and I don’t have any money because I can’t shear my sheep. I don’t have a life! You may as well have let them eat me.” Rodrick cries out.

“At least you’re not dead.” Dagon mutters.

“Yeah, you’re not dead. If we get the sheep without killing them they will come and take your sheep again, you see how this is a circle?”

“I’m just going to get some sheep.” Rodrick shoves through the group but Shorty stabs him in the leg. Shorty miscalculates her power and hits a main artery causing him to bleed out surprisingly fast. Rodrick collapses and Dagon tells Yudani to save him. She hesitates, “You want me to waste a revive on him?”

“No, no do your other thing.”

“He’s dead.”

“We don’t know that yet! Just stabilize him.” Yudani grudgingly leaps into action pressing her hand to his chest stabilizing him.

There is so much blood everywhere. Dagon moves forward, “Hey there. Sorry about my friend and your minor embrace with death. So what are you doing here?”

“They took him. He already told us that.” Yudani mutters.

“They only tried to kill him, we actually did.” Lloyd responds.

“We’re going to tie you up and gag you and leave you here for now.” Dagon says calmly.

“Why!?” Rodrick, too frightened to fight these murderous beasts, cries out.

“It’s okay. It’s better this way.” Dagon soothes.

“Listen, friend” Yudani says trying to calm him.

“Friend!?” Rodrick snaps.

“Look I just saved you.”

“She killed me! I died! I was dead!”

“Bad Shorty.” Dagon admonishes, feeling as if that was good enough.

“You all are as bad as the giants.” Lloyd uses his decanter to spray Shorty for her bad behavior.

“I’m just going to kill him again.”

“If we help you get these sheep…”

The conversation is interrupted by the goblins coming back out from behind the curtain separating the two rooms, Dagon switches back to his giant voice and demands they leave “What are you guys doing back here, I’m not done asking my questions. Don’t come back until I tell you.” Everyone except one darts out of the room, “What are you doing here, I told you to leave.”

“I’m the water master, you don’t tell me to leave my place!”

“I’m the water master! Geyser!” Lloyd pulls out his decanter of endless water and a huge gush of water hits the goblin in the chest but just flows down his chest doing nothing.

“I’m the water master! Get out of my kitchen.”

Dagon readies his bow and fires an arrow missing the goblin completely sinking it into the thick curtain. Seeing the arrow the goblins come rushing back in, Dagon, trying to fix his mistake, “What did I tell you? Get out of here.”

“Don’t listen to him. I’m the water master!”

Stella darts forward, landing a powerful slash across a the water master killing him in one blow, there is such power behind the blow she sinks her hand into his chest ripping out his beating heart.

“I’m the water master…” He cries as he falls into his own blood.

Stella turns to another goblin tearing into his throat leaving him to bleed out as she turns to her next victim. She slashes into his throat until his head flops off his body.

Lloyd watches as this happens then decides he is going to try to charm the group, “I want you to just start fuckin’ right now.”

Somehow, all but two of the goblins manage to resist. One goblin starts vigorously fucking a second one, while the rest look on in horror.

Shorty fires an arrow without looking and manages to kill a goblin.

Dagon sees the horror that Lloyd made happen, he takes out an arrow and shoots the goblin on top managing to hit the goblin in the throat causing the blood to spill into the female hobgoblins mouth and she chokes to death on his blood.

Dagon completely sickened by the event turns and vomits.

A goblin rushes forward and slashes Lloyd, barely scratching him.

A second goblin tries to run forward but falls on his face in his fear of what Lloyd just made his comrades do to each other.

Kashag throws out two firebolts, managing to decimate the two remaining goblins.

“I didn’t really see what happened. Why were those two having sex?” Dagon asks wiping his mouth.

“I tried to start a goblin orgy, it didn’t work, it was just two of them.”

“You’re into that? Ugh.”

Kashag approaches Rodrick, “Just get out of here. There’s some problems here, I imagine you can see that.”

Stella drops the heart on him before Kashag unties him, thoroughly traumatizing him.

One giant lumbers into the doorway with four wolves, Dagon thinking fast tries to talk with him, “We’re evacuating the area because there are dragons.”

But the giant’s throat is scarred badly, looking as if he cannot speak. Dagon pulls out a monocle to see if he can spot a nametag on the giant, but he doesn’t seem to have one. Fearing this is Hruk the team attacks anyways.

The giant swings his club hitting Dagon hard, but he manages to hold his ground.

One of the wolves manages to latch onto Shorty digging into her arm, but she dodges it enough to avoid the brunt of his attack. Shorty flies away from the wolf, seeing an opportunity it digs its teeth into her leg as she moves away, she pulls out her bow but only manages to sink an arrow into the wall.

Kashag attacks three of the wolves with a scorching ray then turns and polymorphs the giant into a turtle, managing to take out the biggest threat off the battlefield. Dagon sees this and wants to put him into the bag of holding, even knowing that if he forgets about the turtle he will rip the bag. An argument ensues about how bad of an idea it is to put the turtle in the bag. Dagon continues to mutter about putting the turtle in the bag as Kashag takes off, flying close to the ceiling.

Stella rushes out to kill the boar that Shorty sent out. Managing to tear out it’s throat, her killer instinct (insane cat desires) overriding the danger of the battle.

Yudani can sense, through the mace, that the giant is still evil in its turtle form. She resists the urge to attack the turtle and tries to hit a wolf, but in her distraction she misses.

Dagon puts the turtle in the bag.

Lloyd fires out two eldritch blasts at the wolves but he miscalculates the force of his attack and knocks himself over, glimpsing the hobgoblin and goblin he forced into sex as he falls.

Two wolves lunge at Yudani, one missing completely, the other barely sinking its teeth into a weak point in her armor. She points her finger at the wolf engulfing it in hellish flames burning it to ash.

Shorty sends out a badger that nuzzles up to a wolf instead of attacking. She debates whether to keep flying or fight the enemies… She wonders if she can put the boots on the badger but convinces herself that is a ridiculous idea. She grudgingly flies down and attacks a wolf with her dagger.

Killing the rest of the wolves the group moves behind the curtain to regroup before heading into what seems to be the largest chamber of enemies. Stella finds a barrel of fish in what looks to be the water master’s room and crawls into it.

Kashag gets the turtle from dagon and dashes up, his wings carrying him hundreds of feet into the air. A giant comes in past the curtain, “We’re looking for Hruk.” Dagon calls out in giant.

“Kill? To find?” He mutters disbelieving.


Completely destroying the giant and the minions that were following behind him the rest of the enemies flee back to the main chamber. Meanwhile Kashag drops the turtle from the sky and follows him down as he falls watching as he crashes into the ground. Morphing back into a giant and Dagon decides to create a mental link with him finding out that this was Hruk. They heal him and send him on his way back to Moog. He wanders off sobbing because he was turned into a turtle and almost died.

Finally feeling ready to approach Guh the team moves into the main chamber ready to kill everyone since Hruk is safe.

Session Eleven

Yudani takes a moment to talk to the mace feeling that he has finally accepted her. Have I finally proven myself to you?

Yes, you are worthy. My name is Ulim Daro, I was an aasimar. I lived hundreds of years ago, my human nature allowed me to do terrible things but I want to make up for what I’ve done.

Dagon hearing that Yudani has connected with her mace he begins attempting to talk to his rapier.

Feeling that the enemies will be coming to them again soon they make their way to the Queen. Lloyd forgets what they came to do, again. The party is convinced there is something wrong with him.

Entering the chamber they cut through the remaining minions with little trouble causing the goblin archers to cower and begin sobbing for fear of death. When the orcs see that the battle is turning against their favor they leave through the main entrance. Seeing Guh sitting on a wagon throne, a massive hulk of a female hill giant sinking into the wagon covered in filth.

Dagon suggests, “Hey, as a doctor I can say that you’re not looking too well. And you should probably start doing some push ups.” Managing to roll forward Guh topples through the grate in the floor. The party stands over the hole deciding what to do with her since she is still alive. Stella jumps down the hole landing on her flabby body and clawing at her. The rest of the company decides to fire their ranged weapons and spells until she dies. Feeling accomplished in their abilities they search her wagon.

They find a massive amount of treasure in her wagon and an interesting looking conch which, upon investigation has a teleportation spell on it. They decide to hang onto for now until they know more of what is going on with the giants and where the conch will teleport them to.

Interested in the gold reward they cut off Guh’s head and roll it to their horses, managing to tie it between them properly they make slow progress back to the Old Tower where they found Moog.

Session Twelve

When they make it back to the tower they find no sign of Moog or Hruk. Kashag managed to kill Guh as Shar demanded of him so he goes to the upper floor of the tower to await her arrival and find out if this will finally reunite him with his wife.

Lloyd offers to take the first watch, he notices a dark fog enter at the shattered roof of the tower but convinces himself that it’s nothing and proceeds to gamble with himself. Lloyd was in the process of throwing his gold out into the wilderness and then realizes that he was losing money to himself and puts it back in his pockets.

Meanwhile, the dark cloud floats over Kashag and Shar takes form, “You managed to kill the giant. I’m proud of you, but you still haven’t killed Thonin Arroway. So, you still have one thing left to do. Unless I think of something else.”

“Why do you keep making me do these things?”

“It’s fun watching you struggle.”

“What was that giant to you? You don’t care about man.”

“I like watching you suffer.”

“I have a question. Everything you’ve done, do you really think your wife will still love you?”

“Cut me deep Shar. Cut me real deep.”

“Well, better get to work. I have a lot of people I want dead.” She fades away leaving Kashag with a sick feeling.

Yudani wakes up to the sound of rolling dice and catches Lloyd, not keeping watch, she chastises him for his irresponsibility. Lloyd tells her about the dark cloud by the tower, but assures her that it was nothing as he heads to bed.

The night passes without further interruption and the party rests in relative peace.



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