Hanging by a Thread

Finding Turlang

Day Eleven, Day Twelve

Session Fifteen

After a good night’s rest the party decides to pursue Shorty’s quest from Lifferlas in Shadowtop Cathedral.

As the party makes their way into the forest they find it difficult to navigate the forest with hard to discern paths and general instructions on how to get to their destination. Shorty manages to save Yudani from wandering into the wilderness and they successfully approach what seems to be their destination.

Upon walking into a small clearing with a clear pool of water they hear sad music being played and come upon a male satyr playing panpipes.

Kashag pulls out his golden flute and begins playing along with the satyr, quite well, to the surprise of everyone. The beauty of his music brings tears to everyone’s eyes. Kashag sits beside the satyr playing along with him.

Dagon stands back, not sure how to feel about this situation.

Yudani, grudgingly, asks, “What’s going on here? Why the sad music?”

“I’m in love with a dryad and she doesn’t return my affection.”

A cumulative groan from the adventurers, but Yudani responds, “I know the feeling.”

“My name’s Greenwhistle by the way.” He says.

“Lloyd Hoymayven!” Lloyd shoves past the group to introduce himself, “What did Columbus say to his men before they got on the ship?”

Greenwhistle, confused, “Who’s Columbus?”

“Just pretend you know.” Lloyd demands.

“Okayyy. What did he say?”

“Get on the ship.”

No one but Greenwhistle laughs, and even Greenwhistle is unsure why he is laughing. After catching his breath from the hilarious joke, Greenwhistle asks, “So, what brings you all here?”

“I don’t know.” Kashag cries out in desperation.

Shorty finally speaks up, after leading everyone into the depths of the forest with little explanation as to why, “Do you know a druid named Aerglass?”

“Aerglass hasn’t been here in a long time, but Turlang can help you when he gets back.”

“Which way did he go?” Kashag asks hopefully.

“I don’t know.”

“You are useless.” Dagon mutters under his breath.

Kashag searches for tracks, but he can find none at all, not even theirs from entering the forest.

Lloyd asks, “What are you doing here?”

“I live here…”

Greenwhistle continues to play his panpipe, content to wait for Turlang’s arrival. The party decides to set up camp for the night, and await Turlang’s return.

Yudani decides she wants to help Greenwhistle with his love dilemma, “So tell me about this dryad.”

“I see her everyday, and I try to talk to her but she never responds to me.”

“What if I suggest her to like you?” Dagon asks.

“No!” Yudani snaps, “Maybe you should play less depressing music.”

Dagon considers using suggestion on Greenwhistle, but Yudani convinces him to show them where the dryad lives.

He leads them a little bit away from the pool of water and shows them a tree that looks identical to all other trees.

Lloyd pipes up, “Dryads live in trees!” Convinced that he is helping the party, he steps forward confidently pulling out his decanter of endless water and pours water on the roots.

Kashag speaks up, after watching his compatriots fail, “Oh, dryad, we passing adventurers would like a few questions answered from you, pleeeease?”

Through sheer force of charisma the dryad steps out of the tree, “What?”

“Oh, you are here. We were lead here by a very handsome and noble…”

“Satyr?” She snaps.

“You know him.” Kashag says charmingly.

“I got turned into the because of liking the wrong person. I just want to be alone.”

“Well you are dashing.”

“We don’t usually say dashing…” Dagon whispers to Kashag.

“Well, what happened to you?” Yudani asks, ignoring the ridiculousness going on behind him.

“I got turned into this by a fey.”

Lloyd perks up, immediately going into his story about his sister, “My sister was taken by a Warlock that was following a fey…”

“Well you’re screwed.” She says depressed.

“I can get my sister back…” Lloyd says softly.

“You can try.”

“Do you know where Turlang is?”


Yudani speaks up, “You know, you’re already a dryad, you may as well make the best of it. You know lemons. You can’t be happy hanging out in the tree all the time.”

“It can’t get any worse, actually it can get worse…” Lloyd mutters.

“I like his music, but I don’t know if I’ll like him.”

“You can at least try.”

“Listen, he’s a good guy. I think if you actually talk to each other it’ll be fine.” Lloyd says assuredly.

“You should really just try hanging out with him.” Dagon yells from the shadow of a tree.

“I think I’ll stay in my tree.”

“I think what my friend is trying to say is that you two are in the same place and your both attractive.” Kashag says suggestively.

“Fine, fine. If it means you’ll leave my tree alone.”

Dagon approaches Greenwhistle, “Hey have you heard of a legendary flute in these parts?” Seeing the blank look on his face, “Any legendary instruments at all?”

“No, but my panpipes are pretty great.”

“Oh my god, there is nothing to do in this place.” Dagon snaps, for some reason.

They make their way back to camp and Yudani sets up a fire for the evening. Lloyd, unable to wait any amount of time, begins gambling with himself. Stella tries to claw into the dryad’s tree, upsetting her so much. She tries to attack Stella to protect her tree but misses both times.

“Stay away from my tree. You could literally kill me!” She angrily steps back into her tree, done with these adventurers.

Greenwhistle, hearing the party talk about how they’re going to eat pipes up, “If you guys are hungry I can get you food.”

Lloyd smiling, “Yes, food please!”

“Of the animal variety.” Dagon grumbles.

“Does anyone want to help?”

“I’ll help.” Kashag yells.

“Me too!” Lloyd jumps up excitedly.

Kashag whispers to Greenwhistle, “I’m training him, he’s really excited and you know he is trying really hard.”

As soon as Greenwhistle shows Lloyd what berries are safe he gets all of them he can find, while Greenwhistle and Kashag hunt a couple of rabbits for the party.

“Why are we here?” Harriet speaks up, surprising everyone because they had forgotten about her entirely.

“So, um, Harriet. Shorty knows.” Lloyd says.

Shorty stares at Harriet for a few seconds, confused as to where she came from, “Weren’t you here the whole time? Pay attention.”

“We’re here to find the tree that knows the druid to find the giant.” Kashag says assuredly.

“I don’t like Harriet.” Shorty says blatantly.

“It’s okay, she doesn’t like us either.” Kashag says.

The party decides to settle in for the night.

When they wake Greenwhistle is playing happier music.

“Where is this treant?” Yudani demands as soon as she wakes.

“He’ll be along.” Greenwhistle assures. After a few hours he makes his way to the dryad’s tree and plays his music beside her, after a few moments she emerges from her tree and sits beside him.

It is nearly evening when Turlang finally shows up with a female half-elf. The treant is the ugliest creature the party has ever seen, but the half-elf is surprisingly attractive.

Lloyd, awkwardly, “Did you fall from heaven, because I swear there’s an angel in front of me.”

“Seriously?” She asks.

“I’m sorry.” Lloyd says, still smiling at her.

Kashag has to hold back the bile in his throat.

“Why are there so many people here?” She asks.

Shorty stares at her for too long and Yudani has to tell her why they are here again, “Lifferlas sent us here to find you and what you know of Aerglass.”

“I don’t know Lifferlass but I remember Aerglass fondly. I can offer you two awakened trees and an awakened shrub.”

“What?” The group exclaims as one.

“Do you know where this druid can be found?” Kashag asks.

“Not at all.”

“Well, we’re fighting the giants.”

“If that’s the case, then I can help you more.” He hands Shorty a few items and an iron flask.

Kashag inspects it and identifies it as an item that can contain magical creatures from different planes.

Dagon approaches the half-elf, “Is there any dragonborn in you?”


“Do you want there to be?” He asks smiling at her.

“You’re disgusting.”

Dagon sinks into the shadows.

“Do you know what’s in this flask?” Kashag asks the half-elven woman.

“I have no idea.”

“She’s not lying.” Dagon yells from the shadow.

The party debates on whether they should open the flask or not. For way longer than necessary.

Yudani names the shrub Bonsly. The party heads out, being led by the half-elf to the edge of the forest. Yudani asks Ulim if he senses anything from the flask, but isn’t convinced it’s empty when he doesn’t sense anything.

Lloyd winks at the half-elf woman, it’s a great wink, but she isn’t sure what to do or say.

“Hey Lloyd, ask her if she has any elf in her.” Dagon messages Lloyd.

When they reach the edge of the forest the half-elf pulls Yudani to the side and hands her a pouch of silver berries, “These will make you invisible, if you need them. Good luck.”

“Can I have something?” Dagon asks, still invisible.

“I’m going now.” She turns and walks back into the forest. Dagon attempts to mage hand and steal something from her, but finds nothing in her pockets.

The party makes their way to Yartar and Kashag memorizes the teleportation circles so that the party can have an easier means of travel. They make their way to Mirabar, with the intention of discovering why the giants are attacking.

The party teleports to Mirabar to find themselves in a stablehouse loft, they meet a dwarf dressed as a stable hand standing guard at the circle.

“Young dwarf…” Kashag speaks up.

“My name’s Zazz Bronzefire.”

“That’s an awesome name.” Dagon says softly.

Lloyd, seeing a dwarf, pulls out the brooch he found in search of his sister.

Kashag, remembering he wants healing potions, teleports back to Yartar to speak with the old man in charge of that circle.

“Do you have healing potions?”

“I can make them.”

“How long will that take?”

“I can make a batch of six in three days.”

“I don’t have much coin. How does this work good fellow?”

“If you’re fighting the giants, I’ll consider taking something other than gold, such as magic items.”

Kashag pulls out his used tome of knowledge, “You can have this.”

“Isn’t that useless?”

“Useless!? Sir.” Kashag says hurt by the accusation. He attempts to offer his golden flute.

“You know what I’d really like is one of those trees you came through here with.”

“I think we can arrange one of those. I’ll be back.” Kashag teleports back, “Good news guys, the old man can make us six healing potions in three days. He only wants a tree.”

“Wait, did you ask how much gold?” Dagon.

“No, I don’t know how these things work.” Kashag.

Dagon, disappointed, teleports back to the old man. “How much gold for the potions?”

“No, I kinda want the tree now.”

“What about this puppet theater?” Dagon offers, holding it out to him.

“It’s made out of the best tree-like materials.” Kashag assures him.

“I still want the tree.”

“You really screwed us by suggesting that tree.” Dagon messages Kashag.

“We’ll see you later.” Dagon says stepping onto the pad to Mirabar.

Dagon messages Kashag, but before he can speak Kashag feels the connection and speaks up, “We really need these potions.”

“Listen old man. We’ll go to an exotic pet shop and maybe we can get you something there.” Dagon suggests.

“Like a baby dragon?”

“Like not that.” Kashag suggests, “How about a dog?”

“How about, like, a baby awakened tree?”

Kashag, “Alright, old man, those trees are for a very important trees for a quest.”

Not convinced, “I want a tree.”

“We’ll get a dog, or a cat, or something.”

Dagon studies the old man, to see if he is in danger of dying any time soon. But the old man looks quite healthy.

Kashag, “How about a dog? I’ll get you a dog. Like a nice dog, a dog could get your slippers.”

“No, I want the tree.”

“Alright, I’ll go to the pet shop.”

“Are there other hubs of teleportation circles?”

“No.” The old man says, completely truthfully.

Dagon goes back to Mirabar and heads straight for Shorty, “Give me the tree.”

“We’ll still have Bonsly.” Yudani assures.

Shorty outright refuses to give up a tree, and the party decides they have enough potions between all of them to be fine for some time.

Lloyd pulls out his brooch and hands it to the dwarf, “So, that was made in association with the fey. If you need travel the dwarves will help you with our underground network.”

“Any dwarf?” Lloyd asks.

“Yeah. Where did you get that?”

“I gamble a lot and a dwarf lost it to me…”

Not trusting Lloyd, “You shouldn’t just lie for no reason.”

“I found it.” Lloyd says, embarrassed.

“If you need any more information I can help you, just don’t lie.”

Dagon and Shorty go through the portal. Dagon holds out a shimmering elixir, “A youth elixir!”

“Oh really!? Wow, I can make those myself.”

Frustrated, they go back to Mirabar, again.

Kashag tells Dagon to disguise himself and go back to ask for potions. Dagon convincingly disguises himself as a traveling flower pot salesman. He goes through the portal and approaches the old man, “I come from a land selling vases, this vase is perfect for plants of the living variety.”

“Why would I need a vase?”

“You look like the type of person that would have a plant.”

“It’s really weird of you to come through talking about plants, right after the guy came asking for potions in exchange for a plant.”

Dagon begins digging through his bag, offering random items to the old man for the potions (that they don’t even need). When he pulls out the black flag with a dragon skull and cross bones on it the old man’s face goes white, “Why do you have that?”

“It’s the only thing I found where all of my family died.”

“You shouldn’t carry that.”


“That is a symbol of the Kraken Society.”

“Can you tell me more about them.”

“They find dragons or dragonborn and sacrifice them to the Kraken.”

“Alright. I’m gonna go now.”

Dagon goes back to Mirabar, “So did it work?” Kashag yells as Dagon appears.

“I know how my family died.” Dagon whispers sadly.

“You wanna hold Bonsly?” Yudani whispers awkwardly.

“No, I’m good. I think I’m done for the day guys. I’m gonna go, umm. I’m done for the day guys.”

The party, awkwardly, goes into Mirabar and finds that it is a two-layer city with human shops and houses on the upper level and a dwarven city underneath.

“I have a brooch that gives us free passage through tunnels!” Lloyd proclaims proudly.

“Shut up Lloyd.” Dagon grumbles.

Dagon begins pickpocketing random people on the street getting some gold pieces along the way.

“Hey is there a toyshop around here?” Dagon asks a passerby.

“There is one in the dwarven part of town.”

“Where could we sell our extra items?”

“The best place would be in the upper town.” First they make their way to a shop on the upper level to sell a few things before they go to the toyshop.

After selling off their unwanted goods they head to the toyshop on the lower level.



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