Hanging by a Thread

Heading to Waterdeep

Day Two

Session Three

Feeling well rested after the nights events the party comes together in the morning to have a hearty breakfast and figure out what is causing the sudden rise in giant attacks. Naxene tells Kashag that he should seek out the Lord’s Alliance and tell them to enlist the help of dragons to fight the giant attacks, she is certain they will agree that desperate times call for desperate measures. She talks about a friend she has in Waterdeep named Chazlauth Yarghorn who can give him more information about dragons.

Dagon insults Naxene upon finding out Miros is pining after her and manages to get kicked out of the bar and earn the dislike of the innkeeper. Miros, under Kashag’s advice, approaches Naxene properly. Though unable to hear the discussion the huge smile on Miros’ face can only mean he succeeded.

Well-fed and ready to seize the day the party goes to gather information, Dagon Lloyd and Kashag notice that Yudani is glancing at random trees and they convince her to try talking to them because they are sure one of them is Lifferlas. Yudani proceeds to try to talk to random trees while Dagon, Lloyd and Kashag attempt to stifle their laughter. While this is happening Lifferlas tells Shorty of his creater, the moon elf druid named Aerglas, who went to Shadowtop Cathedral. He suggests she find him.

After getting all the information from Lifferlas, Shorty returns to the group and ask them why they are talking to trees. From this point the group meets with the abbot and Kashag directs pointed words at him about Strog, to which Ellardin responds noncommittally.

Zi Liang finds Lloyd and gives him a black pearl and tells him that he should seek out House Thann in Waterdeep, the head butler Cauldar Marskyl will know what it means.

The party discovers that they can get a ride on a carriage to Waterdeep, so on their way there they encounter Shalvus Martholio, and he requests an escort to Bargewright Inn. Upon agreeing he joins the carriage, and just as they are about to leave Miros stops the carriage. He angrily admits that Dagon did defend the town, he provides him with a map and tells the party to seek out Arleosa Starhenge, the owner of Stag-Horned Flagon in Amphail.

On the carriage ride each person shares the details of their life:

Lloyd is in search of his sister who was taken, he went as far as to make a deal with an archfey to make that possible.

Dagon is searching for the cause of his clan’s death, and he was searching for Shorty but upon finding her he isn’t sure she is the teacher he dreamed of.

Kashag is completing tasks for Shar in exchange for the return of his wife.

Yudani is seeking revenge on a petty nobleman that destroyed her home and killed her kin because she stood up for what was right and the nobleman’s son died in the process.

Shorty shares nothing of her life, not even her last name.

Upon arriving in Waterdeep the party finds that it is approaching evening and the carriage driver tells them that only the rich are welcome in Waterdeep but tells them of the nearest inn anyway. Shalvus is nowhere to be found after this conversation, confused, but tired the party goes on without him.

They arrive at an inn named “The Golden Nest”, they enter to be met with a raucous crowd of nobles, the innkeeper Milena. Upon seeing the poor state of the characters she refuses to serve them, she goes so far that Shorty finally declares she is noble and claims the name Vallakovich which immediately grants her a room, she claims Yudani and Kashag as servants and departs to her quarters. Stuck downstairs with, seemingly, no other option Dagon decides to charm her, and in doing so gets a room.

But the charm will only last an hour, so upon entering the room with Lloyd they begin to plan how to trick her into leaving them alone for the night. At first Dagon thinks he should create an illusion of a bed and hide under it, but then there would be an extra bed in the room. Along this train of thought Lloyd tries to push the dresser out the window so they can replace it with an illusion and hide in that until she leaves.

This conversation continues until there is a knock at the door, Dagon stands in a corner of the room and Lloyd creates an illusion in the image of a noble and opens the door. Milena, seeing Dagon, glares at him completely ignoring the noble, “You embarrassed me in front of my peers, you can stay, but you will leave first thing in the morning.”

Basking in their success Lloyd and Dagon settle in for the night.



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