Hanging by a Thread

Exploring Waterdeep

Day Three

Session Four

Kashag, Shorty, and Yudani settle in for a wonderful breakfast set out for them by Milena, though Dagon and Lloyd are sent out into the street immediately. Dagon sends a message to Kashag to please bring breakfast to him and Lloyd, since Kashag is such a kind gentlebird, he does so.

Setting out for the day the party searches for the blacksmith in the North Ward, they come to Armor and Weapons but before the owner can greet them they leave the establishment to head to the richer section of the city in the Castle Ward. Here they meet Belhorn Gentleharp, the owner of The Gilded Lily; a smithy so covered in gold and finery that it barely maintains the image of a smithy.

The characters manage to convince Shorty, the richest of the group to buy armor for Kashag and Lloyd. Dagon then attempts to ask her to purchase his armor but she is not interested in the slightest, so in a last ditch effort he tries to seduce the proprietor. On his impressive success Belhorn invites him to the back room to discuss different pricing options. Upon seeing Belhorn holding the door open and licking his lips while rubbing his stomach Dagon feels a wave of nausea at what he is about to do.

He attempts to beg Shorty for money but she shows no interest in his suffering. Lloyd sneaks up beside her and places his hand on her shoulder, suddenly she is overcome with good nature as Lloyd whispers to her, “C’mon, you can buy him the armor.” Without a second thought she does so, Lloyd immediately leaves the establishment to run away from the enemy he has just made.

Kashag buys five flails and asks that they be attached to a circular ring, he was unwilling to share what this item would be used for but he was very excited to start to process of making it. Belhorn asks that they return around the afternoon to retrieve the created object. Since Yudani was unable to buy her armor the party heads back to Armor and Weapons and meet Emen.

Around this time Lloyd decides he wants to meet with Caeldur Marskyl in the Trade Ward to claim his reward. Dagon attempts, and fails, to seduce her into giving them a deal on the armor. After his utter failure Yudani approaches Emen with genuine interest. Flattered by her approach Emen asks the party to dispose of thugs that prey on the townspeople and tells them where they can usually be found.

The party heads out to the location and enter the poorest section of the city, the buildings are dilapidated and poorly maintained, there are several poor unfed masses of the problem the nobles would rather ignore. They come upon an alley and find five thugs circled around a sixth man, stripped of his clothing and beaten badly.

Unable to bear the scene of unnecessary violence Yudani approaches with a magically enhanced voice and demands the thugs stop and surrender immediately. All five turn on her, surprised to be stopped by what looks to be a lone woman, in armor in need of extreme repair. Unfazed by her thundering voice they ready themselves for the attack.

Meanwhile, Lloyd has made his way to the Trade Ward and finds House Thann, he meets with Caeldur Marskyl, the head butler of the house. Lloyd stands dumbfounded in the entryway, he suddenly loses all the information he once contained about why he needed to come to this house. He mentions Zi Liang to Caeldur and he reminisces a bit about her and laments that she forsook her title to live among beasts and peasants. Lloyd’s memory is suddenly spurred to life and he searches his pouch for the black pearl, he presents it to Caeldur and the butler examines the gem for a moment, “Please wait here a moment.”

After a moment Caeldur returns with a servant that hurries up the stairs, a strained silence later and the servant returns with a spell scroll and a seemingly normal decanter. Before leaving Lloyd mentions that Zi is doing good work, and she seems to be helping the townspeople. Caeldur thanks him and says he just wants her to be happy.

Dagon, thinking quickly, casts sleep in the center of the thugs, but somehow he only manages to put the naked man to sleep. Surprised by his failure he ducks back behind some rubble in an attempt to prepare himself to fight properly. Kashag immediately takes flight, throwing out poison into the two nearest thugs. One dodges out of the way at the last second but his comrades isn’t so lucky. Shorty draws her shortbow and sinks an arrow into one of the thugs then dashes behind cover in preparation for their retaliation.

Two of the thugs seeing Kashag flying up into the air draw their crossbows and fire at him, one barely manages to graze him while the other shoots completely wide. The third thug reaches for his crossbow only to find that it is no longer on him (due to Dagon disarming him), unwilling to spend time searching for it with so many enemies he makes his way toward Yudani. The two thugs closest to Yudani take swings at her, yet her imposing figure causes them to miss half their attacks, and the ones that land are not as impressive as they imagined upon first seeing her.

Yudani lashes out against the men nearest her, frightening them with the strength of her blows, but they are certain she cannot defeat them both. Lloyd makes his way back to Emen’s smithy to see how his companions are doing. Dagon, seeing Yudani surrounded, rolls out from behind cover, nearly stumbling into the street in the process, and sinks his rapier into one of the thugs with slow precision then he rolls forward behind cover on the opposite wall.

Kashag sends out two firebolts at the men that dared to fire upon him. Shorty darts from her hiding place and sinks her blades into a thug by Yudani, her dextrous hands finding the soft spots and exploiting them then dashing back to the shadows. Still convinced they can defeat him the men attack in unison, but again their attacks don’t seem to shake her at all. Upon taking damage Yudani unleashes a hellish rebuke, raising her hand on the thug that sunk his blade into her and points her finger at him, cursing him in infernal.

His body is engulfed in flames and he falls into a pile of ash at her feet, she turns to the second thug and smiles slowly. With a mighty swing she cuts into him and he stumbles on weak legs before falling to the ground. Shaken by her hellish face the thug that was attempting to rush her runs into the alley and cowers near his remaining two allies. Lloyd enters the scene and takes in the carnage, without waiting to find out what is happening he uses his eldritch blast against the two men in the back left of the alley.

Feeling critically wounded, the thugs might surrender soon, but before they can think much on the matter a blur of movement along the wall catches their eye. They see a blue dragonborn running along the wall with expert precision and with a deep breath he blankets the three men in lightning. The pain locks their limbs in place, and they know they have to escape these monstrous foes, Dagon turns upon the wall as if it is solid ground beneath his feet and darts behind cover.

Still recovering from the lightning pulsing through their blood the men are met with two strong blasts of fire from Kashag felling one of them into a fiery heap, and the other is instantly assailed with a devastatingly powerful arrow that pierces him straight through.

With all the enemies defeated Dagon carries the unconscious victim outside the alley and wakes him up. He assures the man he means him no harm and gives him a gold coin to buy some clothes. The he does an investigation to see if the man is a drug addict, as far as he could tell, he was not.

Yudani hacks off a thugs head as proof of their victory, causing Lloyd to start throwing up. They attempt to dispose of the remains in the nearby abandoned buildings but nothing can hide the carnage that must have taken place here. Yudani does not hide the decapitated head on their way back to the smithy, she strides confidently down the streets with it slung across her shoulder.

The party returns to Emen and she is impressed with their work, she gives Yudani a beautifully made set of plate armor and takes the time to carve a heart into it with their names together.

Upon exiting the smithy the party is met with a crowd of citizens staring up into the sky, and they join in to see a massive castle floating 1,000 feet in the sky. After a few minutes of asking around they find out it is a cloud giant castle, but no one knows why they are there. During the distraction Lloyd steals coin from the unsuspecting nobles, and while he is distracted doing that, Shorty steals money from him.

Since Kashag is the only member that can fly he would rather get his weapon from the blacksmith and gather more information before heading there. Kashag and Dagon enter The Gilded Lily and find Belhorn, as cheerful as ever, with Kashag’s new weapon. Belhorn’s eyes light up when he sees Dagon, he suggests they talk in the other room but Dagon resists his charms.

The party immediately heads to The Lord’s Alliance headquarters to discover what secrets they might have about the cloud giants castle.

Session Five

Arriving at The Lord’s Alliance headquarters the party finds a lavish house, they are greeted by a nobleman that invites them in and informs them that Lady Laeral is the leader of the Lord’s Alliance in Waterdeep but she is gathering the Masked Lords of Waterdeep to plan their defenses against the giants if they decide to attack. Instead the party is introduced to second in command, Thonan Arroway.

Kashag is overcome by a sudden burning along the mark on his face and he is certain Thonan is a target from Shar.

Upon asking him simple questions, “How can we get to the floating castle?” Thonan responded with, “Lady Laeral is meeting with the Masked Lord’s to figure that out.”

After several minutes of fruitless conversation Dagon managed to see a sheet of paper signed by Lady Laeral and memorized her signature while Kashag managed to get the location of Lady Laeral. Dagon manages to sneak into an unoccupied room and snags some papers that describe other giant attacks on different towns.

A short journey later and the group finds themselves near a large castle overlooking the vast city. Before entering Dagon forges a document to enter but the guard is not convinced by the poor attempt. Instead of turn the group away he leads them to Lady Laeral. The group begins the conversation by asking about what her plans are regarding the castle in the sky, but she has little interest in telling them. She sees through their lies and tells them little in the way of what to do to get to the castle, she does not trust these adventurers.

“You adventurers always think you are the center of the world. While I appreciate what you think you can do, I do not have time to send you on a journey that could endanger my city. I will take care of this threat when I am able, but at the moment I have nothing for you.”

Yudani manages to grit her teeth from the hatred of this noble infested city and speak up before leaving, “We have killed giants before, if you find yourself in need of aid, please think of us first.” Lady Laeral takes the advice into consideration but it isn’t quite clear if she will call on the adventurers at a later date.

Completely lost to what they are meant to do the party spends a bit of time arguing over what they should do, half convinced they should try to get to the castle and the other half convinced it is too dangerous to attempt. As Kashag is the only member that can fly the party decides against trying to get to the castle. Instead they go to Emen to ask about transportation, on their way there they run into Shalvus and ask him about getting to the castle. He mentions a catapult but Kashag is not at all interested in having people flung 1,000 feet in the air to MAYBE land safely.

Yudani enters Emen’s smithy alone and asks about purchasing a ride out of town, they chat about how long it will take to leave Waterdeep and the cost of it. Right as Yudani is leaving Emen mentions that she can write when she has the time and next time she comes to town she has a place to stay. Yudani agrees and sashays sexily out of the smithy.

Meanwhile Dagon was eavesdropping and upon Yudani exiting he attempted to stealthy roll away but Yudani noticed immediately.

“What are you doing?”

“I was just making sure everything was ok…” Dagon responds slyly, Yudani eyes him suspiciously but lets it go.

The party secures travel to Amphail.

Night begins to fall before they arrive and they end up spending the night at The Sleeping Dragon run by Yondral Horn, a retired adventurer, in Rassalantar, a quiet village full of walled farms and grazing sheep. Yudani, Shorty, and Kashag secure rooms for the night while Lloyd and Dagon attempt to outdrink each other. They are so fixated on doing this that they end up passing out right at the table.

After nearly another full day of travel the party comes to Amphail. Dagon meets with Arleosa Starhenge, the proprietor of Stag-Horned Flagon, the local tavern. Yudani and Shorty wait outside the tavern to see what the townsfolk are up to. Dagon, Kashag and Lloyd meet Arleosa and she is the most gorgeous woman they have seen thus far. Before Dagon can even decide to approach her or not Kashag insists Dagon seduce her, “If I didn’t have a wife…”

Flattered by the attention of Lloyd and Dagon Arleosa tells them of her adventures with Miros in the traveling carnival troupe. She playfully recalls that she captivated a few adventurous admirers in her day. “One of them was so enchanted with me that he gave me this ring and told me that it represented a special favor. All I needed to do was whisper his name, Keltar Dardragon, into the ring and he would help.” She gives Dagon the wooden ring and wishes him luck. Before she can get back to work Dagon draws her into an illicit conversation, she is flattered by his interest and invites him up to her room. Lloyd butts in, “You want fuck?”

Arleosa is so enthralled with Dagon’s expert seduction that she doesn’t even notice the weak attempt.

Yudani senses a disruption in the fabric of reality and upon entering the tavern she sees Dagon being led upstairs by a gorgeous woman. Unable to follow them she instead stands in the center of the pub griping about Dagon taking such a gorgeous woman.

After a time Dagon rejoins the party looking entirely pleased with himself, Yudani glowers at him as they make their way back outside. Upon inspecting the town Shorty notices flyers being handed out to people pronouncing the birthday of Tylandar Roaringhorn. The finest food and ale will be provided for a banquet. Yudani overhears some townspeople muttering that this is a blatant attempt by the noble to warm hearts before he takes over as lord warder when Lord Ilzimmer’s tenure is concluded.

The mention of free food draws the party to the square. Lloyd immediately tries to interest random townsfolk in gambling with him, but he cannot manage to get anyone’s attention. Shorty finds a huge pile of chicken and eats it while staring at Kashag. Kashag eats quietly on his own. Dagon approaches Arleosa, ready for round two, and manages to convince her to leave the party. Before separating from everyone he stops by Yudani and convinces Arleosa to let the woman join in. Lloyd again attempts to say something but no one notices him.

The three of them go back to the tavern, Dagon is a bit tired so his performance isn’t as grand as before but Yudani is so amazing that Arleosa doesn’t even notice the difference. Feeling refreshed and satisfied they return to the party. Before they make it back three giants stroll into town. Making a beeline for the tables full of townspeople.

Thinking fast the party members decide to take out the threat before they reach the townspeople. Nearly all of the townsfolk run screaming. Acting quickly Kashag takes flight, Lloyd rushes forward, Shorty grudgingly gets up from her chicken.

Shorty immediately runs behind a building to hide, Lloyd uses some spells as the giants attack, and Kashag decides to create a hulking illusion of a dragon. The three giants separate, two attempt to squeeze between two houses while the third circles around the large stage. Before the two giants can make it past the building Lloyd uses his scroll, Wall of Fire to block their passage. Kashag tosses down a fireball, critically injuring the two giants trapped by the firewall. One giant turns back and intends to circle around



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