Hanging by a Thread

Defending Goldenfields

Day One

Session One

Finding themselves in the huge temple-farm, Goldenfields, the characters are settling in for the evening at Northfurrow’s End, the local inn. As they are introducing themselves a cry breaks the night air, “We’re under attack!” The characters gather their wits and head outside to investigate. They meet a very intoxicated halfling named Oren Yogilvy that informs them that ogres are headed toward town.

The characters agree to face this threat head on, and are joined by Shalvus Martholio, Miros Xelbrin, Zi Liang, Lifferlas, and Naxene Drathkala.

Upon reaching town they see two ogres, four bugbears, and ten goblins tearing into the longhouses in search of something. Buildings are smashed open as they approach, with a quick wit Lloyd decides to charm a bugbear and Dagon does the same to an ogre. In an instant the comrades suddenly turn on one another, and what could have been a disastrous battle instead turns brethren against one another.

Yudani, Shorty, Kashag, Lloyd and Dagon manage to keep their respective comrades alive and once the enemies have all fallen they investigate the area to find that the tracks lead to a destroyed wall where two hill giants are currently climbing over. Lloyd attempts to flee this battle but he is expertly restrained by Dagon, who assures him they can fight these monsters together.

Session Two

As the sky lightens with the dawn they can see a horde of enemies outside the wall: 4 hill giants, 8 ogres, 8 bugbears, and 30 goblins. Arches and guards on the wall take care of these enemies as the adventurers take up the threat within the wall.

10 guards ready their weapons as the heroes rush forth to confront the attacking giants as they hurl massive stones at their enemies. With every attack against the giants they attempt to retaliate but cannot manage to hit the elusive heroes with any impact. Shorty uses her bag of tricks to throw a giant badger at the enemies only to have the creature be so confused it cannot manage to land a meaningful hit.

With desperation one giant hefts an enormous stone and throws it down at Yudani, the closest foe, but she stands so fearlessly before him that at the last second he twists his wrist the wrong way and instead of crushing her the stone lands harmlessly beside her shaking the ground beneath her feet.

The guards throw their javelins with a frightening precision, so frightening that they hit the stone wall and whiz through the air harmlessly half the time. But the pain of the weapons is enough to earn a stone, one thrown with such strength and precision that is crushes two valiant guards before they can defend themselves.

As the battle progresses one of the giants falls, in a last ditch effort the remaining giant continues on valiantly but as he becomes weaker he falls to the ground weeping. With a bit of coaxing Dagon and Lloyd manage to get the giant to explain himself, “Guh wants food. Get food for Guh. Grudd Haug home.”

Dagon attempts to slay the giant but doesn’t manage to deal the killing blow, instead the battle comes to a close and Lloyd, under the assumption that Zi is in charge, tells her they should just give food to the giants. But upon realization she is not in control of anything tells Kashag, according to the guards, the captain is on the wall.

Kashag flies up to the wall and manages to find the captain and asks that he comes down to speak with his companions. They come to know this man as Strog Thunderblade, Lloyd again suggests that he allow the giants to take some food so they will stop attacking, but ignoring him Strog deals the final blow to the giant and says, “We do not make deals with giants.”

Lloyd is horrified by this behavior but Strog introduces himself properly and pleasantly to the group. Not long after this the Abbot, Ellardin Darovik rushes to the wall to see what has been happening and Strog immediately tries to claim victory.

Before he can finish his sentence several of the group cry out that he is lying. Kashag goes as far as to suggest the abbot should be relieved of his position. Ellardin says he will seriously think on it, considering the events that happened and the fact that an attack happened a few months back and Strog was supposed to repair the wall and recruit more soldiers in case of an event such as this one.

Exhausted from the unexpected attack the party returns to the inn and falls asleep instantly.



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